Star Of David: Beautiful Girl Hunter (1979) Available October 5

From the director of Sex And Fury and School Of The Holy Beast comes the controversial and horrifying masterpiece, Star Of David: Beautiful Girl Hunter! Tatsuya (Shun Domon) is a young man hiding a dark secret. Born a bastard after his mother was sexually assaulted, Tatsuya grows up in an abusive household. Taking on characteristics of his evil biological father, he becomes obsessed with Nazi Holocaust imagery and abducts women for his own deadly sexual games. Now presented in a beautiful new high\-definition remaster from Nikkatsu, Star Of David: Beautiful Girl Hunter contains vivid torture sequences, eye\-popping sexual imagery and violent situations that may be too extreme for some viewers. You have been warned!

STARRING: Natsuko Yashiro, Asami Ogawa, Hiromi Namino, Shun Domon