October Games Presents Radu & Puppet Master: The Game

Attention gamers! Full Moon is coming to screens and devices from October Games starting TODAY! Radu, the vampire antihero from the SUBSPECIES series is invading the world of Horror Legends as a new playable Legend. Now you too can play as Radu, wielding weapons straight from the film series, such as Radu’s sword and dagger! You can drink from the Bloodstone and become empowered by the blood of saints! Players can summon Radu’s minions to help track your prey and recover from downstate!

And stay tuned because October Games is prepping the ULTIMATE Full Moon game ever with their upcoming, free to play PUPPET MASTER multi-player game coming late 2022! You’ll be able to play as your fave PUPPET MASTER character while revisiting iconic locations such as the Bodega Bay Inn.