Friday, October 8, 2021: Detention Premieres Today in Theaters

In 1962, a sense of desolation and tension permeates the society. Fang, a twelfth grader at Tsuihua Senior High School, falls in love with Zhang, a counselling teacher. Troubled by the problems at school and home, Fang feels that Zhang is the only person who understands her. Longing for freedom, Zhang forms a study group with his colleagues and students, including Yin and Wei. Reading the banned books allows them to be liberated briefly but also puts their lives in danger. One day, Zhang vanishes into thin air, and only Fang and Wei remember him. Together, Fang and Wei start looking for the disappeared teacher but find the school gradually slipping out of the world they are familiar with. Then in a realm dominated by ghosts and spirits, the pair are forced to face the terrifying truth.

STARRING: Gingle Wang, Meng-Po Fu, Jing-Hua Tseng