Sinistre Available February 22

Three petty criminals attempt a botched armed robbery which culminates in a bloody shootout, leaving only the getaway driver Simon unscathed. The wounded felons decide to hole up in an isolated, abondoned house deep within the forest while awaiting a rendezvous with their co-conspirator Lisa. After burying one of his deceased accompolices in the backyard, Simon is eerily haunted by images of of violence and horror from his lamentable past. Aroused by the spilling of fresh blood, a spectral axe-wielding psychopath and his undead minions mysteriously materialize; inflicting incessant physical and psychological torture upon Simon and his gang throughout the night, in a malevolent attempt attempt to possess their corrupted souls for eternity.

The feature debut from Springfield, Missouri based video director Ronnie Sortor (Ravage), Sinistre is an awe-inspiring, post-Tarantino, heist / haunted house mash up that instantly marked the emergence of a fresh and unique voice withing the ’90s SOV scene. A mix of manic action set pieces, nightmarish surrealism, and entrail ripping, head stomping gore courtesy of FX artist Mike Strain (You’re Next, V/H/S) Saturn’s Core is proud to present Sinistre in its first and definitive Blu-Ray edition, fully approved and supervised by director Ronnie Sortor.

STARRING: Daniel Skinner, Steve Kelly, J. Gregory Dollarhide, Marcia Carol Miller-Dollarhide