The Ice Demon (2022) Available April 5

Ksyusha hardly remembers her biological father after he suddenly disappeared when she was a child. 10 years later, his icy body is found in the local mountains. Incredibly, he begins showing signs of life. He is brought home in an attempt for him to recover. Ksyusha’s mother remarried many years ago and her father’s return begins to destroy the once quiet life the family had known. Supernatural occurrences begin to happen within their once peaceful home. Ksyusha begins to suspect that something chilling, evil and demonic resides within her father. She will have to protect the family from…The Ice Demon!

STARRING: Gleb Kalyuzhnyy, Olga Lomonosova, Alina Babak, Igor Khripunov, Aleksey Rozin