Dawn of the Animals Trailer

3 features about nature gone homicidal!

Razorteeth – An expedition into the glacial north discovers prehistoric, predatory piranhas frozen in ice. They are removed from their resting place and packed into a plane for scientific research. But on the way to the research site, the plane crashes into a resort lake, causing the ferocious fish to thaw and attack the vacationers there.

Peter Rottentail – When lifelong friends James and Lenny agree to aid in the restoration of a distant relative’s newly purchased home, the appearance of a murderous rabbit wielding deadly sharp carrots turns a benevolent gesture into a blood-soaked weekend of death.

World Of The Erotic Ape – A TV repairman / mad scientist creates a device that transports him to another world where women have banished men to a forbidden zone and taken apes as their love slaves.

Coming from SRS Cinema LLC on one DVD release in July 2022