Dragon Lizard Lord Super Monsters Trailer Kaiju SRS Cinema SOV

Ancient Dragons battle for dominance and desolate civilization. Dragon’s thralls and Angels one up each other to be empowered by the Dragon Gods. Omega Tiamat Odin has awakened to wreak havoc across the planet in Tokusatsu terror! Tiamat stomps Tokyo and New York, Draco Quetzalcoatl hits Osaka. Hong Kong feels the power of King Fafnir as Zearon Nidhogg ascends from a UFO that pushes alien technology on the Earth defense forces creating a mad robot.

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SRS believes this to be the first (and only) true Kaiju movie shot on video (SOV)! Live action/suitamation.

The limited edition blu-ray release at srscinema.com includes the animated sequel “Hammer of Draco Wrath of Dragons”.

“Space Sharks invade the Earth and flood the planet for the fish. Alien Grime merges with technology to make a giant robot targeting all volcanoes to erupt and flood the planet with magma. Dragon Lizard Lords are enraged and rampage through New York, Cleveland and Tokyo. Humans decide to destroy the planet with nuclear weapons thereby wiping out all factions, but Omega Tiamat Odin and Draco Quetzalcoatl have other perils in store for the planet.”

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