Baby Oopsie (2021) | Full Horror Movie | Libbie Higgins | Joseph Huebner | Justin Armistead

Crawling from the crib of the Demonic Toys universe comes director William Butler’s (The Resonator: Miskatonic U) Baby Oopsie, an all-new, all- deranged and totally subversive sorta-sequel that’s sure to rip your senses to shreds!

Perpetually picked on and endlessly neglected Sybil Pittman (Libbie Higgins, in a startling breakthrough performance) finds little joy in her life…except for her massive doll collection that has grown to perverse proportions! Every day, Sybil locks herself in her basement, broadcasting her doll restoration vlog all by herself, that is until the remnants of a mysterious doll – the dreaded “Baby Oopsie” comes into her life! After carefully restoring the doll, Sybil comes to realize that the tiny terror is exacting revenge on her oppressors, mercilessly murdering them one by one. And while Sybil finds herself enjoying Baby Oopsie’s bloody brand of vengeance, she soon changes her tune when the demonic toy turns its evil attentions to Sybil and those she actually cares about.

Baby Oopsie: Chapter One will premiere August 8th exclusively on Full Moon Features and Full Moon’s Amazon Prime channel, with the second chapter to follow the week after on August 15th. But today, we’re THRILLED to share with you the INSANE official trailer!

It’ll scare the Pampers off of you!

Director: William Butler
Writer: William Butler
Stars: Libbie Higgins, Joseph Huebner, Justin Armistead