Mutant Hunt (1987) | Full Movie | Rick Gianasi | LeeAnne Baker | Manny Siverio

New York…the 21st Century…it’s open season on CYBORGS!

When drug-induced cyborgs destroy everything—and everyone—in their path, humanity’s only hope is Riker—a soldier of fortune who pledges revenge after the cyborgs toss his sexy ‘pleasure droid’ out the window.

It’s Man VS. Machine as Riker and his fellow mercenaries battle to stop not only the cyborgs, but the wicked corporation that constructs them….Let the Mutant Hunt begin!

Directed by: Tim Kincaid (Breeders, Robot Holocaust)

Starring: Rick Gianasi (Star Trek: Voyager) LeeAnne Baker (Necropolis, Breeders, Bad Girls Dormitory) Manny Siverio (The Sopranos, The Basketball Diaries, Malcolm X)