Subspecies: Bloodrise | First Look

Stolen by crusaders on the night of his birth, he has no knowledge of his bloodline: his mother is a demon; his father is a vampire. Trained and exploited by a brotherhood of mystic monks to slay all enemies of the church, fate brings him back one night to the castle of his father, armed with the monster-slaying Sword of Laertes, to destroy the vampire Vladislas and reclaim a holy relic: The Bloodstone. The events of that night turn Radu from a noble man into a vampire with no master, setting him on a centuries-long quest for sustenance, and companionship, for the treacherous one who stole him from the sun, and for the Bloodstone he hopes will bring him peace.

A quick teaser for the production of Subspecies: BloodRise | Now filming in Serbia.

Director: Ted Nicolaou

Producers: Justin Martell, Seager Dixon, Matt Manjourides, Miloš Đukelić, and Vladimir Đukelić

Executive Producer: Charles Band

Starring: Anders Howe, Denice Duff, Kevin Spirtas, Staša Nikolić, Marko Filipović, Petar Arsić, Yulia Graut, Olivera Peruničić, and Jakov Marjanović

Release Date: TBA 2023

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