The Wolf of the Malveneurs (1943) Available November 25

Renoir plays Reginald Malveneur, a research scientist and the last of his bloodline—a bloodline that legend says is infected by werewolfry. He conducts experiments in the dungeon lab of his crumbling chateau in hopes of finding a “cell rejuvenation” cure for his ailing wife, who is too frail to care for their young daughter or give him the son he desperately wants. When the new governess arrives, it’s learned that Malveneur has disappeared. A handsome local artist comes to the aid of the nanny, who senses something sinister is afoot and threatening the lives of those in the castle. Who plays the strange waltz in the middle of the night? What secrets lay hidden in the spooky dungeon? The final scene will leave the viewer wondering if there really was a werewolf afoot. The Wolf of the Malveneurs is a wonderful gothic horror film, chock full of mysterious moments and ripe with feelings of impending horror.

STARRING: Pierre Renoir, Madeleine Sologne, Michel Marsay, Gabrielle Dorziat, Louis Salou