Rule of Shadow and Stars (Handmaiden of Death Trilogy Book 2) by Tiffany Parker Available November 14

Author: Tiffany Parker

The epic sequel to Daughter of Ashes.


“The devil is deceptive, Lia, and the truth is subjective.” I could barely breathe. “What is your truth?” “You. It’s always been you. No matter what might happen, you are my truth.”

Lilith is free. Orphelia and Luca barely survived Smrtka and are now painstakingly piecing their lives back together. They travel to Winter Court, seeking answers and hope but instead discover Hadeon. Orphelia instantly feels a connection to the fae prince, threatening the relationship she shares with Luca. When tragedy strikes Winter Court, Orphelia finds her world turned upside down. Everything she’s built is ripped away in one brutal moment. Fleeing to the continent, she finds herself training under Dianthe, Goddess of Creation, preparing to take down dark forces that threaten to tear apart the empire. With the prospect of war looming on the horizon, alliances must be formed and enemies defined. Yet the world is much larger than Orphelia ever knew and she comes to find she’s merely one player in a very dangerous game.