Tavern of Terror Vol. 3 (Short Horror Stories Anthology) by Scare Street Available November 14

Author: Scare Street

Have your fill of pure terror on the rocks…

Tragedy strikes twice when an enraged father discovers his son’s death was caused by bullying and sets out for bloody revenge. An adventurer seeking the true meaning of fear learns to be careful with what he wishes for. And a web of mystery leads a group of neighborhood children to investigate and carry the secret of their discovery well into adulthood…

Pull up a chair at Hannigan’s, the tavern of a thousand screams. Order a drink, as you enjoy the twelve magnificently macabre tales of terror in this bone-chilling new collection.

You lick your lips as another tale begins. Slamming your glass on the counter, you decide to get another. It’s addicting—this smooth, warm beverage. You peer at the crimson liquid inside… Blood.

Then you wake up, relieved it was all a dream.

Or was it?

You notice you’re not on your bed, your clothes and skin bloodstained, the previous night a blur.

You entered the Tavern of Terror a human. But left as a creature of the night.

And there’s no way back…