The Dancing Tree (Relict Saga Book 1) by J.A. Skald Available January 3

Author: J.A. Skald

Look – It wasn’t supposed to go like this, alright?

Humans were trouble.

Life as a monster hunter had beaten that lesson into Sebastian often enough. But just because people said Relicts were heartless monsters, it didn’t actually make him one.

Would’ve saved him a whole heap of trouble if it did.

Not like Sebastian ever asked to become a Relict. Monster hunters turned half-monsters themselves, always traveling town to town to earn their keep, fighting with terrors and townsfolk alike until it’s time to race back for their Orders before Mistide falls.

It’s not a life anyone would want. Not that anyone ever asked him — he was sold into the life as a child to save his father’s sorry skin.

When Ryndalon stumbles into his life, well – it turns out this isn’t even the first time the bard’s gone and made Sebastian’s life hell.

Or that it’s the end of his secrets…

Rule one making Deals with the fae? DON’T.