The Rot Beneath : A Dark Gaslamp Fantasy (Days of the Watcher Book 1) by Eli Freysson Available January 1

Author: Eli Freysson

The gaslit streets of Fluvi are in turmoil, and idealistic journalist Sam Todd does what he can to be a voice of reason. But the violence takes on a different character when strange murders and disappearances start occurring. And when Sam witnesses one of these himself, things get personal.

His research team includes a former soldier, a street kid, a thief, a disgraced aristocrat and a musician, and arrayed against them are people with dangerous connections, and a small army of street killers.

The further they dig, the darker things get. Beneath a civilised veneer, a depraved secret society is carrying out human sacrifices in the name of forgotten gods. Eight innocent people have mere days to live, and only Sam’s rag-tag team is in a position to do anything about it.