Bad Dreams : Short Stories of Imagination Unleashed by Crispin Jackson Available January 6

Author: Crispin Jackson

You’ve heard of what happens when the mind is allowed to wander past its reasonable limits. This is no different. Immerse yourself in a collection of things gone wrong. There is barely any sunshine in a bad dream. All you encounter is tragedy upon tragedy, heaps upon heaps of misfortune mixed with spots of relief.

When you close your eyes, it really is over. While you would wish to wake up, you find that you cannot. For stretches at a time, the mind gives way to limitless wanderings, far from where things make sense. In this place, you encounter the following: creatures called minotaurs who are bent on enslaving humans, the prototype for a car that is way too unsafe, and a unique take on the Fountain of Youth.

Journey with Crispin Jackson as he takes you down paths where no author has ventured before. Imagination is good to run wild.