In Her Rearview Mirror (A Ghosts of Landover Mystery Book 11) by Etta Faire Available January 6

Author: Etta Faire

They say you should never look back. They were right…

In 1998, 31-year-old soccer mom, Tisha Reynolds, seemed to have it all. A rich husband, three wonderful boys, and a cushy job working for her in-laws.

But behind closed doors, she lived a very small life with a husband who only wanted her to watch the kids and help his family. His vision of her didn’t include following her own dreams. And just when she was about to break free, she disappeared.

Twenty-five years later, her ghost has come to medium detective Carly Taylor to figure out what happened. And as her jeep and her remains are lifted from the lake, Tisha says it was no accident.

Problem is, there have been 25 years of rumors surrounding Tisha’s disappearance. And in Landover, those tend to involve things like shape shifters and the Dead Forest. But no one knows what Tisha actually saw in her rearview mirror that night. Because that changes everything.

They say you should never look back in life. They never tell you what happens when you do that in death.