The Macabre Masterpiece : Vile Humanity: (Collection of Horror Poetry Book 3) by Justin Bienvenue Available January 9

Author: Justin Bienvenue

What’s your biggest fear?

The Macabre Masterpiece is back once again and all the things you’ve ever dreaded are nothing compared to the biggest evil of all…

Fright may be an intense feeling. Terror may be extreme. Shock is a critical condition of drop in blood flow, and panic is an uncontrollable anxiety causing unthinkable behavior but they hide their true selves… Because the deadliest fear is fear itself… and it’s us.

Everything we stand for has become corrupted, tainted, and plagued. For all the horror and the darkness in this world, there is only one source to blame and it’s us. We are but a vile humanity…

The Macabre Masterpiece: Vile Humanity is a book of 50 horror poems within 5 chapters, all a different type of fear including fear itself. It is the third book in the Macabre Masterpiece series and if you enjoyed the first two books then you’ll love this one as well.

Grab a copy of Vile Humanity and stand up to your fears today!