Throne of Broken Wings (Ash Kingdom Book 3) by M.R. Polish Available January 9

Author: M.R. Polish

“There wasn’t a kingdom I wouldn’t burn down to save you.”

Caitin’s newfound powers have emerged and with it the secrets her mother tried to bury. But secrets are never meant to be buried…

In an attempt to save her mate from the Darkness, Caitin uncovers the vile truth behind her bloodline. She will need the help of others if she wants to destroy the Darkness and end the reign of terror behind it all. But first, they will all pay for touching what was hers. Afterall, an Alorian is very protective over their mate.

The last Layke saw of his wife was her dying on the ground. The image replayed over in his mind until he was certain death had claimed her. The Darkness played with his mind, flaunting her demise with a wicked grin. But it was Caitin’s promise to not leave this world without him that gave him hope. Even if there was only a sliver of a chance she still breathed, he would fight. He would find a way back to her.

Even with the Darkness threatening their future, he knew his mate was the most powerful summoner of them all. In the end, only one summoner could reign.