Tethered in Torment (Nymphs of Incyssia Book 1) by Sullyn Shaw Available January 19

Author: Sullyn Shaw

People often fantasize about being swept up into a magical world where they were thrown into mythical wars and epic love triangles. My sister and I used to be just like them, until it happened.

The wondrous start our family presented was a façade, intending to hide their ulterior motives and the darkness that lurked around every corner, stalking us like prized hogs. We enjoyed bacon as much as the next gals, but we never intended to be sows for a royal family, despite us being Oedinia’s long-lost water nymph princesses.

Despite our protests, our birth family forced us to be pawns in their twisted games, and we watched as our lives and sanity crumbled before our eyes. It wasn’t just our lucidity at stake, though. Our mates and best friend’s were bound to crash down at any moment. They had stayed so strong while we fell apart, but we saw the cracks that the combined trauma brought on.

There was still some fight in us, and we knew one day this would all be worth it, but we questioned how much more we could take and if we would live to see ‘one day.’