Binge And Purge (2002) Available May 16

Another popular SRS Retro Release! Christmas, the near future: terrorist attacks have turned North America into a police state. Strange murders have begun to plague the capital city. The police chief assigns two officers to look into the disappearance of a young fashion model – and the officers themselves promptly disappear. Fearing for the reputation of his department and hoping that he can make two of his problems take care of each other, the chief enlists the aid of a trio of troublesome private detectives he deems expendable. The group’s investigation leads them to an evasive fashion designer and his circle of enigmatic models. What they uncover is not just a simple murder, but a complex web of corruption, mass killing, deceit…and cannibalism. But this threat does not come from without…it comes from within…

STARRING: Tamara Barnard, Stephan Bourke, Fiona Eden-Walker