Fractured Series by Ally Vance Available February 28

Author: Ally Vance

Fractured Darkness


When I had nowhere to go, Caleb took me in. I thought he loved me… but now I’m not sure he ever did. I’m nothing but his next victim, a pawn in his messed up play for control. He’s a monster with a handsome face and I fell for him. Caleb is my darkness, and his brother Jace is my muted light. Will his darkness ever stop consuming me, so that I can once again see the light?


Mica is now a prisoner here alongside me and I’m struggling to see a way out for both of us. I’ve been forced to endure violence and pain unleashed by Caleb for too many years to see a future without him in it. I just hope somehow we can resist succumbing to the control and mind games before the damage is irreversible.

Fractured Silence


With everything she did she stole another piece of my brother. Over the years she slowly dissected everything that made him who he was, breaking him to suit what she wanted. She put him in the hospital, so I resolved to put her in the ground.

Fractured Light


For three years I’ve loved David, even as I feared him. His hands were cruel, his words spiteful; and yet I stayed. Until one day he ruined me almost beyond repair.

As I lay broken in the hospital, I sense something has changed. Officer Brandon saved my life, and he’s determined to help me pick up all my fractured pieces and bring the light back into my dark world.