Wrath of the Land by Oli Jacobs Available March 7

Author: Oli Jacobs

When the plumbing around the centre of West Crumb starts to overflow, everyone believes the problem is a series of badly blocked drain.

What they don’t expect is a fatberg the size of a double-decker bus.

Council worker Ronald Pile is tasked with clearing the horrible mass, but soon finds himself dealing with a bureaucracy that works deep behind the scenes of the local council. Meanwhile, student Laura Bennett begins to notice how the fatberg seems to be influencing those around town.

Then, the reality of what the fatberg contains is revealed, and it begins to sprout.

Author of horror titles such as Deep Down There and Wilthaven (Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Finalist 2021), Oli Jacobs brings another tale of everyday life being suddenly disrupted by the arrival of something out of this world. And as always, he hopes you enjoy…