A Flock of Vampires by Everlyn Thompson Available March 10

Author: Everlyn Thompson

As an elite warrior for the Vampire King, Stu’s only mission in life is to wipe out the Rebels’ Army, and maybe destroy a few Soul Eaters along the way. That all changes the night a Witch stumbles into the crossfire, using her healing powers to save one of his warriors.

Keltti, a lone witch in the big city, is elated to start working as a healer for the King’s Army. While using her magic for a good cause, she has finally found the sense of belonging that has been eluding her for years. Working alongside the Warriors to protect Calgary’s supernatural community, Keltti finds an unlikely family in the brotherhood of Vampires – along with an unexplainable desire for one sexy, dangerous vampire in particular.

Stu realizes that Keltti is his one true life mate. But with war ensuing, he refuses to complete the mating bond – a refusal which makes Keltti wonder if she ever really belonged in the first place.