When Bad Things Happen to Good Mice : Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles by Cindy Davis Available March 18

Author: Cindy Davis

Can lyrics from Tom Chapin’s songs help Bliss solve the murder of her ex boyfriend, found in the debris of the Celtic Faire’s opening-night bonfire?

Bliss is hauled back to Magnolia Bluff, Texas in a police car. Her boyfriend, with whom she broke up three months ago, has been found dead in the ashes of the Annual Celtic Faire bonfire. She was miles away when he died, but a witness, someone she considered a friend, said she was in town. And no one can prove otherwise.

Chief Jager is being pressured from all sides to not only solve the murder, but also the rash of petty thefts that have hit the small town. Could they somehow be related? Bliss thinks so, but the chief can’t let go of the idea she’s the killer.

When the body is identified as one of the contestants in the competition, and not Bliss’ ex, things take on an entirely new perspective.