Heir of Thorns (The Crest of Blackthorn) by Joy Lewis Available March 21

Author: Joy Lewis

“I will become the monster they expect. I will be the nightmare that nightmares dread.”

After Procyon’s mother sells him to a monster in a castle, he agrees to serve it to protect the only person left that he cares for. That is, until he can twist his knife into its stomach.

But his plan to kill the monster is ruined by a secret so dark and twisted that it will change the course of his life forever.

Meanwhile, Lavine’s sister is kidnapped by an elusive menace and his human servant. But the closer she gets to uncovering her sister’s whereabouts, the more she understands the horrifying truth.

She’ll need to use the darkest, most corrupting part of her necromancy magic to save her.

Too bad the price just might be her own soul.