The Great Hearts IV : Apotheosis by David Oliver Available March 21

Author: David Oliver

There’s no rest for the wicked.

The Hrudan are coming and a spike in monster attacks throughout the empire has the Academy worried and Calidan exhausted. Training under monster-hunter extraordinaire Sarrenai, he and Cassius must learn, and learn fast, because there are a whole lot of monsters and only so many hunters to go around. But he might find that his strongest foe is closer to home.

Beholden to the Wanderer, how far will Calidan the Imperator go to save both Cassius and Seya? Because robbing a god certainly doesn’t seem healthy.

David Oliver’s fourth novel in the Great Hearts series continues the dual adventures of past and present day Calidan, following the protagonist’s journey from earnest youth to a cold and forbidding Imperator.

Brutal combat, terrifying magics, dark secrets and the antics of a certain panther lay within.