Alice Cooper : Crossroads Available September 10

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Author: Rodney Barnes

Legendary rock acts are finding themselves attacked by demonic forces. The police investigate, but there’s little to nothing they can do to stop the problem.

At the same time, Alice Cooper has a new album out and is in the midst of a promotional tour. It’s great to see all his fans again, but there’s a disturbing trend happening in every city ― more and more of his audience appear to be undead! Complicating matters, when he goes to bed at night he ventures into the Nightmare Place. When he awakens, he’s in another city standing before a throng of fans, where he meets the Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel tells him there’s a great music club called Burning Meat where the souls of legendary musicians hang out, watching the headliner ― Lucifer ― play his own personal style of rock music to the raucous applause of the demons in attendance. Now, Lucifer wants to take the show to Earth and the only thing stopping him is… Alice freakin’ Cooper!


Graphic Novel