Ring Shark Available September 10

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Team members Nishikawa, Momoka and Natstume, of Psychic Investigations Big Summer (PIBS), investigate supernatural phenomena and tales of the occult. They receive a video filmed at a haunted location, which shows a pair of media influencers filming a deserted, ancient stone well, and a shark-like monster that emerges and attacks the woman! PIBS begins an investigation of the tape, seeking info on the creature while they assist they search for the now missing influences. However, they find the local villagers won’t reveal the mysterious well’s location. PIBS digs deeper, but as they uncover clues and get closer to the cursed spot, they too are attacked by the shark. They escape, but things take a twist when Natsume becomes possessed by a supernatural spirit. Nishikawa and Momoka call on psychics and occult experts, and discover that the well was worshiped as a god of curses and required regular sacrifices to be appeased. They find that those under the well’s spell can chant specific incantations to it and the curse would be dissolved. They return to the village with Natsume and manage to cast the spell despite resistance from the villagers. But did the incantation work? And when the missing woman suddenly reappears, will the mystery come to an end, or only deepen? The truth is in there….