Terror Firma (2023) Available August 27

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Spinning a modern-day allegory of the turbulent times we’re living in Terror Firma is a sci-fi thriller and debut film from writer-director Jake Macpherson. It weaves a dark, out-of-this-world mystery of family, betrayal, and deadly floral. When struggling artist Lola has nowhere else to go she uncomfortably leans on her older brother Louis for help. They haven’t seen each other in over a year and the awkwardness is hard to hide as he welcomes her to stay with him in his run-down East Hollywood home. There’s one catch though…Lou has a strange roommate named Cage whose instant interest in Lola is made agonizingly clear. Within minutes of Lola’s arrival, the city of LA goes into a vague, mysterious lockdown with not much information for anyone other than the occasional police message from a circling helicopter. As the city keeps everyone inside, a packet of seeds arrives from the outside with no label and no answers. Curiosity gets the best of a locked down Lola so she plants the seeds and waits. What follows is a hypnotic journey down a psychedelic-juice-covered rabbit hole as reality bends and the three must grapple with the ever-changing landscape. While Lou is warped out of this world and Cage is turning violent, Lola is trapped in the middle. All culminating into a twisted, bloody affair in which she must fight to survive her own creation. With a heart-pounding, electric-synth score reminiscent of classic John Carpenter this film will rock your senses, leaving you with a sense that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

STARRING: Burt Thakur, Faye Tamasa, Max Carpenter, Robert Brettenaugh