Wilder than Lightning by Rachel Caren Kisala Available April 17

Author: Rachel Caren Kisala

In a just world, being on the street where a shooter opens fire should have been the worst thing ever to happen to Kara Richards. Okay, in a REALLY just world, even that shouldn’t have happened, but given that it did, it should not have been followed by mysterious deaths, disappearances, decapitation…demons? When did demons start being a thing that a girl with a college degree, a steady job, and a tiny apartment in the big city had to worry about?

Thankfully this crazy week also brings a guy with a car into her life, because her own two feet and Boston’s Green Line trains probably aren’t up to the job of keeping her one step ahead of whatever’s coming after her.

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V2 : Revolution 2 by Brian Yansky Available April 17

Author: Brian Yansky

Austin, Texas—There was a plague. Then a war. Humans are slaves, servants, or feeders to the new rulers of the world. Roman is a favorite slave of the Count. He is allowed many freedoms other slaves aren’t. He does what he has to do to keep the Count’s favor. All he has to do is forget what the Count did to his sister and ignore what the rulers do to every human. He manages this until he’s twenty-four years old. Then something happens. It changes him. He secretly joins the resistance, risking everything. A fast-paced, supernatural, suspense adventure with a bit of humor.

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Tales of Horror Vol II : Malicious Spirits by Bryan C. Laesch Available April 17

Author: Bryan C. Laesch

Evil plagues our world causing pain, feasting on our fear, and stealing our energy. How do we become entangled with it and what price do we pay for doing so?

In A Grim Deal, Needles makes a deal with the “goddess of punks”. In exchange for vandalizing his former church, she promises to make him a world-famous punk rocker. But when the consequences of his deal evoke the ire of a spectral guardian, he learns how hard the “easy way” can be.

In Gentle River, David Keel is investigating a stream by the same name. Known for its strange calming effect on people, more than a few adults and a lot of children have disappeared near its waters. But after setting some of the river’s trapped souls free, Keel becomes the target of the vengeful spirit responsible for the deaths and disappearances.

In Through the Looking Glass, Karen Kline is gifted an antique dresser by her parents. Originally not enthused, after a mind-altering vision, she comes to love it dearly. But doing so opens her up to a predatory entity that puts everyone she cares about in danger.

In this second volume of Tales of Horror, humanity battles malicious spirits for its life, soul, and eternal freedom.

Features three “Extra Shots” horror shorts Old Route 6, Tiny Hearts Bleed, and Out for a Swim.

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Tales From Between by Various Available April 17

Author: Various

Tales From Between is a fantasy & horror literary journal. We highlight the best writers working today, from the new to the award-winning.

This issue features:


Page Sixty-Seven by Belicia Rhea

Lilies by Elin Olausson

When the Guillotine Came by Matthew Stott

If All Your Friends Jumped Off a Bridge by Katie McIvor

Glass Cabbage by Ivy Grimes

Avalanche by Briana Morgan

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Reasons to Scream by Corie LaSalle Available April 17

Author: Corie LaSalle

There’s plenty of reasons to scream, everyone has at least one. This book contains 13 of them. Reasons such as the hidden secrets in the attic or in the basement, the things that lie deep within the ocean, the newest patient at Willow Hills Asylum, the lively crowd at Lola’s, and the end of a young woman’s world.

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The Massacre at Yellow Hill by C. S. Humble Available April 17

Author: C. S. Humble

When George Miller is killed in the mines of Yellow Hill, his wife and children are left to try and piece their lives back together. Tabitha Miller, George’s widow, is thrown into deeper chaos when she discovers that George’s death had nothing to do with the cave’s collapse, but was caused by some terrible predator deep within the earth. His death covered up by the mine’s Proprietor-Jeremiah Hart.

In nearby Big Spring, freed slave-turned-occult bounty hunter Gilbert Ptolemy arrives with his adopted son in search of a murderous vampire. New revelations in Yellow Hill draw the duo toward the struggling Miller family, the strange mine, and the horrors lurking within.

The Miller and Ptolemy families are pitted against mundane and supernatural forces in this Weird West adventure. Family struggles, heart-stopping gunfights, and nightmare creatures from dark realms abound in this award-winning novel from C.S. Humble.

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The Irascible Immortals Short Story Series Volume 7-9 by Ronel Janse van Vuuren Available April 17

Author: Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Immortals + Boredom = Catastrophe.

Something old and dangerous is waking, making the immortals act out on their crazier instincts.

Baba Yaga had taken the last century off to focus on herself. A bargain is struck and she sends her fellows out to investigate: the way children are behaving is even worse than advertised. As the one who had always struck fear into the heart of misbehaving children, it is her duty to return to guide mortals. And stop them from killing each other.

Baba Yaga’s job just got worse after Pan and Poseidon’s game.

Morrígan had been separated from her powers for far too long. But thanks to the foolish actions of several immortals, she is in control of herself again. Can anyone stop her from destroying the human race in favour of animals?

Morrígan gets her powers back after centuries and is out for blood.

Isis had waited millennia to be reunited with her one true love – Osiris. Now that the mortal realm is all but destroyed, it is the perfect time to do some illicit magic. But all is not as it seems…

Isis is ready to unleash hell on earth to get Osiris back.

They are all so busy with their own stuff, they don’t even realise what is really going on…

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