Arthur Malediction (2022) Available March 21

Alex has been a fan of the Arthur and the Invisibles movies since he was a child. For his 18th birthday, his best friends surprise him by taking him to the abandoned house where the saga was set. What begins as a weekend adventure, quickly turns into a deadly nightmare…

STARRING: Vadim Agid, Lola Andreoni, Mathieu Berger, Thalia Besson

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Dr. Giggles (1992) Available March 21


No need for an appointment. Forget about your co-pay. Healthcare won’t save you … from Dr. Giggles. Larry Drake (Darkman) plays the night-prowling surgical psychopath who wreaks havoc on the residents of a once-peaceful town. From an old haunted house to a midway funhouse, from unwanted house calls to the operating table, the doctor is in … sane!

STARRING: Larry Drake, Holly Marie Combs, Cliff De Young, Glenn Quinn, Keith Diamond

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Bloody Mary Returns Available March 21

A group of vloggers is looking for the ultimate Urban Legend, and soon, discover the legend of Bloody Mary is very much real. Now, the group is stuck under her curse and will have to learn how to stop Bloody Mary once and for all before its too late.

STARRING: Samantha Cull, Kelly Rian Sanson, Lauren Staerck, Annabel Hammond

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M3GAN (2022) Available March 21

M3GAN is a marvel of artificial intelligence, a life-like doll programmed to be a child’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally. Designed by brilliant toy-company roboticist Gemma, M3GAN can listen and watch and learn as she becomes friend and teacher, playmate and protector, for the child she is bonded to. As Gemma faces pressure at work to deliver a finished version of M3GAN, she suddenly becomes the unprepared caretaker of her newly orphaned 8-year-old niece, Cady. Gemma decides to pair the M3GAN prototype with Cady in an attempt to resolve both problems—a decision that will have unimaginable consequences.

STARRING: Allison Williams, Ronny Chieng, Violet McGraw

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Mind Melters 7 Available March 21

See James Balsamo breakdance in the last DNA show, watch celebrities talk about their cameos in some of AcidBath Productions latest films, and watch some insane stop animation shorts from “The Lone Animator!” In the seventh installment of chaos known as “Mind Melters”! James Balsamo brings you the best in home video entertainment yet again, and again!

STARRING: James Balsamo

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Mask of the Devil (2022) Available March 21

Africa, 1878. A group of white mercenaries attempt to steal a tribal mask, unwittingly releasing an ancient evil. In present day, the mask is purchased as a prop by a dysfunctional band of adult filmmakers. When a fiery young woman named Mary accepts a job with these low-rent wannabes, the ancient evil finds the perfect conduit and unleashes unimaginable carnage on the unsuspecting cast and crew.

STARRING: Joshua Frater-Loughlin, Tony Manders, David Lenik

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Rendez-Vous (2019) Available March 21

Lili and Eduardo meet for the first time after connecting on a dating app. Eduardo arrives late but with a good reason in a place like Mexico City: he was mugged and they took his phone so he couldn’t text her to say he was running late. While at first everything seems to be going fine, when Lili finds Eduardo’s phone in his jacket, things take an unexpected and terrifying turn for the worse.

STARRING: Antonio Alcántara-Eduardo, Helena Puig-Lili, Markin López-Luis

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