Soul Plumber Available October 3

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #SoulPlumber – #Various – @DCOfficial – Author: Various Exorcism made easy? The team behind The Last Podcast on the Left unleash an all-new sci-fi horror story—with the fate of mankind at stake! After attending a seminar hosted in a hotel conference room by a mysterious group called the Soul […]

The Walking Dead 20th Anniversary Box Set #1 Available October 3

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #TheWalkingDead – #RobertKirkman – @ImageComics – Author: Robert Kirkman CELEBRATE THE WALKING DEAD’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY WITH THESE LIMITED EDITION BOXSETS! This limited edition box set collects Vol. 1-8 of Robert Kirkman’s groundbreaking, historic comic series in one affordable package. Collects THE WALKING DEAD VOL. 1-8 TP

Where Monsters Lie Available October 3

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #WhereMonstersLie – #KyleStarks – @DarkHorseComics – Author: Kyle Starks A brand-new meta-horror story that’s Cabin in the Woods meets Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Haven’t you always wondered what slasher monsters—the masked home invasion family, the mindless unkillable monster, the serial killer trapped in a doll—what they do for […]

The Witcher Omnibus Vol. 2 Available October 3

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #TheWitcher – #BartoszSztybor – #AleksandraMotyka – @DarkHorseComics – Author: Bartosz Sztybor & Aleksandra Motyka A collection of over 300 pages of action, mystery, and suspense with Geralt of Rivia in three standalone stories. In Of Flesh and Flame, Dandelion the bard gets Geralt transported to a faraway land, plagued […]