Midnight Fright Show: The Master Collection Available May 10

Five awesome features for your Midnight Fright Show Marathon! Horror, Gore, Babes, Zombies, Aliens and Vampires Galore!

Lady of the Dark: A secret prophecy claimed Eve for the re-birth and transformation into The Lady of the Dark – emerging as a ravenous, instinctual killer who shows no mercy. Who will stop her?

Dark Watchers: Three women’s mysterious investigation ends in a profound Alien encounter when they come face to face with the unknown and evolve into something amazing, yet truly horrifying.

One Hour to Die: Celebration turns to horror when a shocking sequence of events unfolds while a party slowly exposes secrets and lies resulting in mass poisoning and the frantic search for the antidote.

Dead Walkers: An elite military group takes on occult trained neo-Nazis and all hell breaks loose. Upon discovering bizarre and scientific altered Zombies they must find a way to stop the 4th Reich.

Paranormal Haunting: A small group of individuals arrive at the Blue Moon Inn unaware of the living hell that awaits them. Prepare for witchcraft, occult rituals and a terrifying encounter with pure evil.