Black Demon Tales Vol. 1: Emergence Available February 27

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Author: Sebastian Martínez-Kadlecik

Black Demon Tales is a kaiju horror anthology series based on Indigenous myths about a monster shark—El Demonio Negro—that is rumored to have attacked Mexican fishermen. Now a major motion picture!

In four harrowing tales by Mexican American authors, we stare directly into the jaws of the Black Demon, an ancient megalodon that prowls the Pacific, unleashing its wrath on any who violate those waters. Along the way, we discover the origins of the massive shark and its seemingly immortal harbinger, a former Spanish priest. We meet Bella González, the naval researcher bent on destroying el Demonio Negro, even at great cost to herself. And we witness righteous devastation of monstrous proportions as the aquatic kaiju fulfills its role as divine champion of the seas, wiping greedy polluters from its waves even in alternate versions of our world.

Expanding the universe of the crowd-pleasing film The Black Demon, this kaiju anthology offers up breathtaking thrills and iconic kills with nuances of environmental protection, cutting-edge science, obscure history, and Indigenous lore.

Collects the NYC Comic Con ashcan story along with issues 1-3.

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The Vault of Horror Vol. 4 (EC Archives: The Vault of Horror 30-35) Available February 27

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Author: Bill Gaines & Al Feldstein

Rising from the tomb comes EC Archives: The Vault of Horror Volume 4, now in a value-priced paperback edition!

EC Comics set the bar in the 1950s for their disturbing tales of terror, and this edition presents twenty-four shockers by comics legends Al Feldstein, William Gaines, Johnny Craig, Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, and features gorgeous digitally remastered color. Includes the Al Feldstein/Joe Orlando adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story “The Lake” and a foreword by bestselling horror author Jonathan Maberry.

Collects The Vault of Horror issues #30–#35.

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Red Room : Crypto Killaz! Available February 27

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Author: Ed Piskor Ed PiskorEd Piskor

Collecting the third and final arc of the splatterpunk smash hit series, with tons of extras!

Mistress Pentagram and the Red Room Players return as Crypto Killaz! careens to its boldest ― and bloodiest ― crescendo! In this final arc of the hit Red Room series, the arrest of the Steel City Cannibal forces his daughter into the media spotlight and under scrutiny of even more sinister forces… Then, meet… the Cryptocurrency Keeper, a rising YouTube star in the world of Bitcoin and dark web entrepreneurs, coming to you from the Dorm Room of Doom! That is, until Bitcoin crashes and bankrupts many of his followers, who hold him responsible… Meanwhile, Piskor turns back the clock with the secret history of Thomas Edison’s role in the invention of modern day red rooms, and in rumored footage of Jack the Ripper’s final act! Crypto Killaz! wraps up the Red Room series with a secret origin, documenting in lurid detail every step that goes into creating the most famous Red Room persona in history ― and it isn’t pretty!

With over a quarter-million copies sold of the series to date, Red Room has been a smash hit since its debut in 2020. Crypto Killaz! escalates the stakes, with Piskor pushing his masterpiece of modern horror in new directions and delivering the cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk goods like no one else can. The book also includes Piskor’s exclusive “Director’s Commentary” for virtually every page, tons of process art, sketchbook material, and other surprises exclusive to this collection.

Full-color illustrations throughout

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The Lonesome Hunters : The Wolf Child Available February 27

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Author: Tyler Crook

From Russ Manning Award-winning and Eisner-nominated Harrow County co-creator Tyler Crook comes this supernatural fantasy about loss, power, and destiny.

Monster hunters Howard and Lupe are on their way to get rid of the powerful sword, but car trouble leaves them stranded in a small town that is being terrorized by a magical wolf and a mysterious child in a wolf mask. While waiting for car repairs, Lupe befriends the child and she and Howard are drawn into a war between the townspeople and the deadly beasts.

Collects The Lonesome Hunters: The Wolf Child #1–#4.

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Grim Vol. 3 Available February 27

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Author: Stephanie Phillips

Hell gets hotter than ever as Jessica continues her grim journey in the afterlife!

Jessica Harrow Goes To Hell! While Jess, Lilah, and Eddie feel the touch of hellfire for the first time ever, Jess begins to build an army as fears of an all out war arise, and knows it will be up to her to take back the Afterlife! But sometimes Hell is all it’s cracked up to be. Jess and Eddie search for an alternate portal to the infernal hereafter they’d left behind, and a mysterious European town may be the key… but the balance of authority in Hell is still in chaos, with the power-hungry Annabel in peril, and the status quo of death’s skewed mechanics made uncertain! Eddie, Jess, and Marcel–each will have to face their own personal hell! The pain of their own mortal lives are brought to after-life in grim detail, but the Hell itself still awaits, and Annabel and the parasitic entity bonded to her have foreboding plans for Life… Collects Grim #11-15.

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Dead Kingdom Vol. 1 Available February 27

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Author: Etienne Derepentigny

When a knight returns home from battle, he finds his homeland overrun by undead zombies controlled by a mysterious wizard. But to save his missing wife, he is willing to face them all.

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Blood Oath Available February 27

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Author: Alex Segura

A dark, moody, and menacing horror/crime tale from acclaimed and bestselling novelists Rob Hart and Alex Segura, with lush, compelling art from star artist Joe Eisma and colorist Hilary Jenkins.

1927. New York. The peak of Prohibition. Hazel Crenshaw just wants to be left alone, to tend to her farm, to care for her younger sister, and to run her business.

But her business is inescapably tangled up with the New York gangs that will eventually coalesce into the mafia, and a new, unknown partner. When the Crenshaw farm is attacked, Hazel must not only defend her home, she must cope with the realization that her flirtation with the other side of the law might also put her in the crosshairs of something else—something much more sinister…

Collects Blood Oath #1­–#5.

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Doppelsauger: Sara’s Mystery 🎬 Full Exclusive Thriller Horror Movie Premiere 🎬 English HD 2024

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Special Agent Ramirez must solve the disappearance of a young woman. The clues lead him to the business of white slavery as a prime suspect, a man with a double life. When the case seems to have been resolved, with the worst outcome, Ramirez decided to start his own search. In their quest to find the victim, the officer will collide not only with their suspect, but with a more complex and macabre.

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Age of Demons (1993) Available February 27

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A trio of sorceresses are hellbent on offering 100 human sacrifices in order to access Hades and bring forth the age of demons. They kidnap Mitch Feinstein (Eric Matson), a satanic punk rocker with unique psychic powers, and force him to summon a demonic monster who is let loose into the world to wreak mayhem and destruction. Mitch quickly enlists his goofy brother Don (Damon Foster) and his karate club compadres to do battle with the coven’s evil henchmen. In a final ditch effort to save humanity, the brothers combine their powers to resurrect Don’s mammoth robotics class project Cybertron, who flies to the rescue and challenges the demon head-to-head in a blood soaked, laser beam battle to the death!

A brain-scrambling amalgamation of high-risk amateur kung-fu stunts, raucous punk rock, bursts of extreme gore, crude visual effects, and scads of gratuitous nudity, notorious publisher, martial artist, filmmaker (Hot Dogs on the Run), and outspoken satanist Damon Foster turned heads in 1993 with Age of Demons; his homespun, madcap SOV homage to the Asian Tokusatsu and Kyodai Hero films. Like a primitive, analog episode of Ultraman captured through the subversive camcorder lens of Hugh Gallagher, Age of Demons simultaneously revolts and charms with its blend of crude humor, hair brained homemade creature suits, and vibrant visual insanity.

STARRING: Damon Foster, Eric Matson, Butch Portillo, Anthony Houk, Rebecca Torres

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Bulletproof Jesus : The Director’s Cut Available February 27

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Jesus, on a self-imposed sabbatical in the modern mortal world, is warned that the warlords of the Apocalypse are assembling their armies for the final overthrow of humankind. This Christ is a conflicted man, a master of combat and martial arts who assembles a group of mercenaries to battle the forces of Lucifer.

STARRING: Johanna McGinley, Miranda Nieman, William Lee

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Dr. Cheon And The Lost Talisman (2023) Available February 27

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Psychiatrist Dr. Cheon is a fake exorcist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. He uses his acute intuition – along with his assistant, YouTube channel, gadgets and explosives – to perform bogus exorcisms and solve cases across the country. When a new client approaches him to save her little sister from evil spirits, he accepts her case. Ready to perform his phony healing routine, he suddenly discovers he’s involved in a case more powerful than he’s ever experienced, a real one!

STARRING: Gang Dong-Won, Huh Joon-Ho, Esom, Lee Dong-Hwi, Kim Jong-Soo

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ALP (2016) Full Horror Movie – Yusef Abdur-Razzaaq, Vanessa Anders, W.M. Bacon, Adrian Lockett

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After a traumatic experience, Chris comes home to confront his past. but soon finds himself prey to a Demon who taunts him through sleep paralysis.

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Camp Pleasant Lake (2024) Available February 27

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In Camp Pleasant Lake; a couple breathes life into the eerie remnants of an old campsite; unaware of its dark past. Strange occurrences haunt the camp; mirroring the tragedies of the old camp; where two decades earlier; a young girl was kidnapped and her parents brutally murdered. Amidst chilling atmospheres and long-forgotten secrets; the couple grapples with a horrifying revelation they are entwined with the camp’s history. As the shadows of the past collide with the present; Camp Pleasant Lake becomes a terrifying and suspenseful journey where the couple must confront the haunting histories of a sinister crime.

STARRING: Jonathan Lipnicki, Bonnie Aarons, Michael Pare, Robert LaSardo

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Raiders Of The Living Dead (1986) Available February 27

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THE ULTIMATE PRESENTATION WITH 4+ HOURS OF SPECIAL FEATURES! In the early ’80s, Independent-International co-founder/president Samuel M. Sherman (Dracula vs. Frankenstein) took an unfinished zombie movie by Brett Piper (Queen Crab) and began tinkering. He shot additional scenes featuring nuclear terrorists, a mad doctor, a kid (former child star Scott Schwartz of A Christmas Story, The Toy and New Wave Hookers 5 fame) who converts a LaserDisc player into a ray gun, 1930’s cowboy star Bob Allen, a roasted hamster, The Three Stooges and retired octogenarian Zita Johann (The Mummy), then added an unstoppable earworm of an opening credits song to create a drive-in epic unlike any ever experienced before or since. Raiders Of The Living Dead is now scanned in 2K from the negative of the final release version, with over 4 hours of new & archival Special Features – including two previous cuts in their entirety – that reveal the full insane saga.

STARRING: Scott Schwartz, Robert Deveau, Donna Asali, Robert Allen, Bob Sacchetti

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The Black Mass (2023) Available February 27

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A true-crime thriller inspired by real events, The Black Mass is set over a 24-hour period in Florida during the winter of 1978. The film follows a serial killer in the days leading up to his final, unhinged rampage, providing a disturbing and terrifying look into the warped psyche of a notorious murderer, as well as the ramifications of his violence for those who fell victim to it, and for those who survived.

STARRING: Michelle Romano, Lisa Wilcox, Lew Temple, Jeremy London, Kathleen Kinmont

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Santet 1 & 2 Available February 27

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Indonesia’s beloved scream queen, Suzzanna, stars in this decidedly demented duo of supernatural revenge thrillers, SANTET and SANTET 2, which boast not just over-the-top gore set-pieces, but an abundance of slimy creatures, wild plot twists, and even impromptu musical numbers! Vinegar Syndrome presents this hugely popular set of Southeast Asian horror classics on disc for the first time in the United States, both newly restored from their 35mm camera negatives!

Santet (94 min): After poisoning his wife, local gangster Bisman blames her death on the village cleric and instigates an outraged mob to burn down his hut, killing him in the process. The cleric’s wife Katemi (Suzzanna) escapes into the jungle, eventually meeting Nyi Angker, a half-crocodile half-witch who gives Katemi diabolical powers, thus allowing her to commence a bloody revenge…

Santet 2 (92 min): Katemi is trying to live a pious life in her village, but most of the villagers shun and curse her on account of her previous murderous deeds. When the mentor of Nyi Angker finds Katemi and curses her, the madness in the village starts anew as Katemi turns into a vicious tiger every night, ripping the townspeople from limb to limb!

STARRING: Suzzanna, Joice Erna, K. Arief Raduma, Busiti, Dorman Borisman

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The Dead One (1961) Available February 27

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Barry Mahon was a decorated WWII fighter pilot, escaped P.O.W., manager of Errol Flynn during the actor’s sordid final years, nudie-cutie and kiddie matinee visionary, and more. And in 1960, Mahon wrote/produced/directed what is likely the first full-color zombie movie in exploitation history: Just outside of New Orleans, a plantation mistress summons her brother to rise from the dead for a bizarre low-budget voyage of voodoo vengeance, jazz piano, strip clubs, honeymoon romance, Creole horror, and natty zombie attire. John McKay (Cuban Rebel Girls), Linda Ormond, and Monica Davis (Rocket Attack U.S.A.) star in this regional rarity advertised as ‘The Greatest Voodoo Film Ever Made!’ – also released as Blood Of The Zombie – now scanned in 2K from the IP in its proper aspect ratio for the first time ever.

STARRING: John McKay, Linda Ormond, Monica Davis

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The Lonesome Room (2021) Available February 27

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The Lonesome Room is a one-location thriller filled with claustrophobia, heart, and a bizarre text adventure. Reed Monroe, a fairly prolific young writer, wakes up tied to a chair in a room ripped right out of one her more horrifying books, with no real way out.

STARRING: Gabby Carbon, Clare Patricia Hayes, Paige Joustra

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The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (1962) (4K Ultra HD) Available February 27

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Brilliant scientist, Professor Bernard Hichcock, harbors a secret fascination with the corpses of beautiful young women. His perverse desires are so strong that he has developed a unique serum capable of placing people into a death-like state; a drug he has decided to experiment with on his wife, Margaretha. However, after accidentally giving her a lethal dose, the doctor panics and covers up his wife’s death. Hichcock soon remarries, this time to the orphaned Cynthia, whom he brings to live with him at his isolated castle. Shortly after her arrival, Cynthia begins to experience increasingly strange and ghastly goings-on. While her new husband dismisses these seemingly supernatural occurrences, Cynthia becomes convinced that someone – or something – is lurking in the castle and her loving husband might know more than he’s letting on…

A crucial early work in the Italian gothic horror canon, The Horrible Dr. Hichcock, from director Riccardo Freda (Tragic Ceremony) and screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh), is a macabre period chiller which stars Barbara Steele (Black Sabbath) alongside Robert Flemyng (The Blood Beast Terror), Silvano Tranquilli (So Sweet, So Dead), and Harriet Medin (Blood and Black Lace). Graced with eye-poppingly colorful cinematography from Raffaele Masciocchi (The Ghost), Vinegar Syndrome proudly presents the UHD debut of this twisted and suspenseful classic in a brand new and exclusive 4K restoration of its original negative, and loaded with fresh extras including interviews with second assistant director Marcello Avallone and star Barbara Steele!

STARRING: Barbara Steele, Robert Flemyng, Silvano Tranquilli, Harriet Medin, Maria Teresa Vianello

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The Strangler (1970) Available February 27

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An unconventional French giallo released before the subgenre’s popularity boom resulting from filmmakers like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, THE STRANGLER centers on Émile (Jacques Perrin, The Young Girls of Rochefort), a handsome young man targeting women he believes are too depressed to go on living. As multiple women fall to Émile’s suffocating white scarf, inspector Simon Dangret, the detective assigned to track down the killer, resorts to seriously unorthodox and even unethical methods to get his man with the assistance of Anna, a beautiful woman who believes herself to be a potential victim.

Praised as a “complex, melancholic meditation on isolation as well as a portrait of collective hysteria” by the New York Film Festival, the film equally subverts and indulges in the conventions of the giallo with unexpected beauty and refinement. Director Paul Vecchiali has been hailed as an “icon of a rebellious, reflexive, and emotionally excessive cinema” by Le Monde and celebrated for his prolific filmography and decades-spanning career as a critic, director, and producer.

STARRING: Jacques Perrin, Julien Guiomar, Eva Simonet, Paul Barge, Jacqueline Danno

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