Sleepless Nights (2022) Available February 28

In the shadowy streets of New York, vampire lovers and vampire slayers clash in a blood-spattered battle for world domination. Who will rule the night? A candlelit, fang-filled thriller in the eerie tradition of Dark Shadows.

STARRING: Jacqueline Anderson, Adrian Alvarado, Richard Ryan, il Lopez Jr., Matthew Thomas

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The Snow Creature (1954) Available February 14

Legends of a prehistoric creature, the link between man and beast, send American scientists on an expedition through the Himalayas. Their search for the Yeti leads them on a treacherous path through the mountains as the creature sets brutal traps to halt their pursuit. During a tense showdown deep within a cave, the team is able to capture one of the beasts. When the Yeti is brought to Los Angeles, the enraged monster breaks free from his cage. Striking from the concealment of the sewers, the beast unleashes his fury on the city. Acts of menace and destruction multiply as the police attempt to subdue the creature. Their pursuit leads to a violent confrontation with this bestial ancestor of man.

STARRING: Paul Langton, Leslie Denison, Teru Shimada, Robert Kino

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The Embalmer (1965) Available February 14

A madman drags one beautiful woman after another into his dank labyrinth of horror beneath the murky canals of Venice. The girls are then embalmed by the skull-masked monster who places the corpses on display as captive zombies in an underwater tomb. Andreas, a reporter, is investigating the disappearances. Unable to convince the police that the missing girls are victims of a maniac, he probes deeper into the cases. Donning scuba gear, the killer stalks his prey, once again sending an innocent girl to her death in his subterranean lair. A nubile young woman accidentally discovers the grisly secret of the Embalmer, sealing her fate and perhaps that of Andreas as well!

Alternately titled The Monster Of Venice, The Embalmer was frequently paired with the equally lurid chillers The Corpse Grinders and The Undertaker & His Pals for a triple feature that played the drive-in circuit in the late ’60s. Movie-goers were asked to sign an “assurance certificate,” indemnifying the theater and producers against death by fright or insanity resulting from viewing the pictures.

STARRING: Maureen Lidgard Brown, Gin Mart, Anita Todesco

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Raquel 1:1 – Official Trailer (2023) | Thriller | Suspense | Breaking Glass Pictures

Raquel is a religious teenager who moves with her father to a small town, in search of a new life. During her first days there, she has a mysterious experience during which she believes she is given an important and controversial mission related to the Bible. Alongside her new friends, a group of evangelical girls from the local church, Raquel dives deep into her spirituality and relives the pain of profound traumas. With support from some and resentment from others, Raquel tries to balance herself in a disturbing spiral of faith, reason and madness.

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They Wait in the Dark (Official Trailer) – Digital Release 2/7

Amy and her adopted son Adrian are on the run from her abusive ex-girlfriend Judith. Desperate to stay hidden, Amy and Adrian take refuge in her family’s abandoned farmhouse outside her Kansas hometown. Soon, a supernatural force from Amy’s dark past begins haunting Adrian. With the vengeful Judith in pursuit, Amy and Adrian find themselves locked in a showdown between the threats both outside and in.

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