The Boogeyman (2023) Available October 10

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In this horror-thriller from the mind of Stephen King, two sisters — along with their therapist father — are reeling from their mother’s death. When a desperate patient comes to their home, he leaves behind a terrifying entity that feeds on its victims’ suffering.

STARRING: Chris Messina, Marin Ireland

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Brynmore #3 Available September 27

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Author: Steve Niles

Mark Turner returned to his hometown for a fresh start. His goals were simple: build a new home in an old church, stop drinking, reconnect with his estranged daughter, and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, Turner Island had other plans. Can Mark save his newly arrived daughter, Sophie, from the undying evil rising from the waters and the monster in his basement? And will Brynmore bring about the island’s salvation or destruction?!

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Deadbox #4 Available November 15

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Author: Mark Russell

In the aftermath of the Loose Meat Massacre, Sheriff Brown suddenly becomes a celebrity. But are the fame and power that come with the luck of fate worth the lie they’re built on?

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Hell Sonja Available January 1

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Author: Christopher Hastings

Welcome to HELL…SONJA. She’s the Queen of Damnation. She lords over the fiery pit of eternal hunger and suffering. But now, she’s had enough of this evil s**t. She will bind together lost souls, and rove the multiverse to fill Hell’s belly with only the most deserving of its punishment. If someone so wicked is beset upon you, if you’re desperate enough, if no one else can help, maybe your prayer will be heard by Hell Sonja! Collects Hell Sonja #1 – 5, plus a gallery of every cover.

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Lone #1 Available December 6

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Author: Angie Hewitt

On the last day of summer before eighth grade, Alma makes a disturbing discovery: the lake her town is named for has disappeared. Not dried up. Vanished! What’s more concerning is that no one else remembers it ever existed. With the help of her best friend, Kel, Alma tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. But as more things start to disappear, Alma worries she might somehow be the cause.

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Nightfall : Double Feature #4 Available November 8

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Author: Various

Cemeterians: Gargantuan bone monsters now terrorize the world, forcing Alan and Ivy to align with other splinter scientists in a desperate last-ditch attempt to stop the takeover. Only one hope remains: to broker a peace by entering death itself.

Denizen: Richard, Lily, and Bryan must find a way to free Helene and Maya from the dark force within the camper, but the solution requires an unimaginable sacrifice they may not be ready to make. Sometimes, the only cure is courage.

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Rage : Vampirella/Dracula #2 Available September 27

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Author: Christopher Priest


After being told that her baby had died at birth, Vampirella discovers her son is actually alive but has been stolen by a nihilist cult who believe the newborn to be a carrier of “The Dracula Virus.” Meanwhile, the Lord of Vampires himself seeks out the help of Victory, Vampirella’s former lover, as he remains several frustrating steps behind Vampi while she hunts down the cultists. The angry new mother will stop at nothing to get her son back — and wreak terrible vengeance on those who took him!

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The Fall Of The House Of Usher Available November 8

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Author: Edgar Allan Poe

In this graphic novel edition of The Fall of the House of Usher, Raul Garcia adapts his animated short, The Fall of the House of Usher, now streaming on Prime Video, and as a part of the animated feature Extraordinary Tales.

A traveler arrives at the Usher mansion to visit his old friend, Roderick Usher. Upon arriving, however, he discovers that Roderick and his sister, Madeline, have been afflicted with a mysterious malady: Roderick’s senses have become painfully acute, while Madeline has become nearly catatonic. That evening, Roderick tells his guest of an old Usher family curse: any time there has been more than one Usher child, all siblings have gone insane, dying horrible deaths. As the days wear on, the effects of the curse reach their terrifying climax.

In this adaptation, the celebrated animator translates the cinematographic language into the comic medium.

As a bonus, the original Edgar Allan Poe prose story is included!

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Art of Vampirella : The Dynamite Years Vol. 2 Available February 6

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Author: Various

Since the 1970’s, Vampirella has been known as the good-hearted bad girl of vampire lore. Brought back to life once again by the creative minds at Dynamite, she’s graced cover after cover with her piercing stare and iconic red outfit. Now, a second collection of all of her stunning covers over the past few years are collected in this volume. This must-have edition showcases the work of all the fantastic artists who have put pen to paper for the blood-thirsty beauty.

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