Dementer Official UK Trailer


Acclaimed director of indie horror hit Jug Face (aka The Pit), Chad Crawford Kinkle, returns with Dementer, a psychological horror thriller branded as “an unexpected gem” ( and “an impressionistic, poetic occult-horror film” (Nashville Scene).

Fleeing from a cult that has left her scarred both physically and mentally, Katie (Katie Groshong, Jug Face, A Measure of the Sin) is keen to get her life together. On her path to recovery, she takes a job in a care centre supporting adults with special needs, among them Stephanie (Stephanie Kinkle), a woman with Down syndrome. Convinced that the “devils” are coming for Stephanie, and tormented by flashbacks of her experience within the cult and with their leader Larry (Larry Fessenden, The Dead Don’t Die, Habit), Katie takes increasingly extreme measures to ward off the evil that is making Stephanie sick. But what if her rituals are doing more harm than good?

Raw and unsettling, Dementer is a brave and unflinching story of lives lived on the fringes of society, and a battle with demons inside and out. Shot on real locations with many non-actors playing versions of themselves – including Kinkle’s real life sister Stephanie – this is a deeply personal genre film with an emotional punch that lingers long after the credits have rolled.

Like Dogs – Official Horror Trailer

Abducted and treated like animals, two university students are unwilling participants in a
behavioral experiment gone horribly wrong. It gets personal when the pair learn they’ve each been specifically targeted. Once people start dying, it’s a race to escape and survive.

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Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman – “Call Me Aileen” CLIP

Based on Aileen Wuornos’s early life, America’s most notorious female serial killer, back in 1976 a young Aileen arrives in Florida searching for a new life that will help her escape her tragic past, marries a wealthy Yacht Club president and has the chance to start again as part of Florida’s high society. But tormented by inner demons she surrenders to her murderous impulses and wreaks havoc in the peaceful seaside community of Deland, Florida.

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October Games Presents Radu & Puppet Master: The Game

Attention gamers! Full Moon is coming to screens and devices from October Games starting TODAY! Radu, the vampire antihero from the SUBSPECIES series is invading the world of Horror Legends as a new playable Legend. Now you too can play as Radu, wielding weapons straight from the film series, such as Radu’s sword and dagger! You can drink from the Bloodstone and become empowered by the blood of saints! Players can summon Radu’s minions to help track your prey and recover from downstate!

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Children of the Corn Trilogy Official Trailer


Best-selling author Stephen King sowed the seeds for a bumper crop of horror films with his classic collection Night Shift. But few would sprout into the kind of franchise that Children of the Corn would grow to be.

In the cult classic original a young couple (Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton) find themselves stranded in the small town of Gatlin, Nebraska where they meet a religious cult of children led by the mysterious Isaac and the unhinged Malachi and learn the blood-curdling secrets of He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Meanwhile in Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, the well meaning locals of nearby Hemingford adopt the children who survived the original terror, but all is not as it seems. A new harvest is about to begin. Finally, Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest brings terror to the big city, as two orphaned boys from Gatlin are taken into foster care in Chicago, where He Who Walks Behind the Rows begins to walk again!

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Horror History: Friday, September 29, 1995: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was released in theaters

For pulse-pounding suspense and relentless thrills, nothing can match Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers — one of the most frightening chapters in the chilling Halloween series. In a single horrifying night, Michael Myers’ masked reign of terror changed Halloween forever.

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Horror History: Wednesday, September 29, 1993: Amityville: A New Generation was released direct-to-video

Photographer Keyes Terry is given an old mirror from a homeless person who he photographs on the street. What he doesn’t know is that demonic forces project grisly visuals upon the mirror’s surface and exhibit them to those who look at their reflections.

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