The Legacy I: Hawk’s Hunt by Stefano Caruso Available April 29

Author: Stefano Caruso

Heroes won’t save anyone.

In a medieval world, men have discovered a special mineral which can hybridize with human beings and create arswyds, true and living death machines used in wars by lords for millennia, until humans themselves started fearing their power.

The Lord Minister and the Hunters’ Order have assured complete extermination of arswyds in Gorthia, but are the rumors of a blue-eyed arswyd wandering around the capital true or are they product of superstition?

In the meantime, the Overseas’ King is killed in mysterious circumstances and his brother is accused of killing the realm’s lord, tearing apart the realm with a bloody civil war.

What are the Forgotten Ones? And what link do they have with the comeback of an ancient threat?

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

Well, here’s a big fat dose of what the fuck. This movie was so ridiculous that I was surprised to not see Anthony Michael Hall in it. I felt like I was sitting through a work meeting just to write this review. If there had been dance numbers performed by today’s modern equivalent of Prince and company I would have remained entirely nonplussed.

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