Terrorwar #6 Available September 20

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Author: Saladin Ahmed

With the help of the mysterious Doctora Z, the crew is reunited. But with Blue City in ruins and Muhammad’s brain invaded by Terrors, things ain’t looking pretty.The strangest chapter yet in the sci-fi horror saga by SALADIN AHMED and DAVE ACOSTA!

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Rumpus Room #1 Available September 20

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Author: Mark Russell

Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Russell (NOT ALL ROBOTS) returns to AWA with his latest dark satire, with art by Ramon Rosanas (YEAR ZERO VOL. 1). Meet Bob Schrunk, technocrat billionaire, collector of bad art, and victim of a hideous skin condition that can only be treated with a highly illicit and definitely not FDA-approved face cream that must be…harvested. From human beings. Bob isn’t unfair, though. He’s happy to let his guests select who will be next to be sent from the Rumpus Room to their doom. There’s just one thing Bob doesn’t know: One of his current guests is an undercover cop—and she’s carrying a concealed gun.

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Necronomicon #1 Available September 13

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Author: Various

72 Pages of Content!

Henry Lovecraft, descendent of the notorious horror author, must journey with Spencer Holmes to find the most ancient and evil tome in the history of mankind–the Necronomicon. Believed to contain horrific eldrich magic, this book is also sought by another–a sinister and powerful being who will stop at nothing to attain his prize.

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Nocterra #16 Available September 20

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Author: Scott Snyder


“NO BRAKES,” Part Five

Thirteen years ago, the sun set and never returned. Now, with the forces of darkness staring them down, it’s up to Val, Em, and the Ferrymen to save humankind from total blackout. NOCTERRA’s latest arc comes to its stunning conclusion in a no-holds-barred showdown!

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Creepy Archives Vol. 2 Available October 17

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Author: Archie Goodwin

This veinchilling second volume showcases work by some of the best artists to ever work in the comics medium, including Alex Toth, Gray Morrow, Reed Crandall, John Severin, and others. Each archive volume of Creepy is packed with stories (usually up to eight short stories were featured in every issue!) running the gamut of gruesome subject matter, from reimagined horror classics such as The Cask of Amontillado, to spectacularly mindtwisting shorts such as The Thing in the Pit, or the macabre maritime yarn Drink Deep.

* This volume collects Creepy #6-10.

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