“Fear The Walking Dead” Trailer | The Final Season

Fear The Walking Dead debuts the final season trailer at WonderCon! To reignite everyone’s belief in a better world, Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison (Kim Dickens) set out to rescue a now eight-year old Mo from PADRE.

FearTWD begins its epic final season May 14th on AMC & AMC+. 

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No Budget Theater Official Movie Trailer SRS Cinema

Multiple tales of horror come together in this fun-filled anthology. Skeleton Cop takes on ninjas; apocalypse survivors battle zombies; brutal enforcers get brutal; space soldiers fight an intergalactic war; and finally, Skeleton Cop returns – this time in space! All that… and more. Grab a popcorn and sit back for a bit of everything, everywhere, all at once – but no Academy Awards – in “No Budget Theater”.

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Murderbot | Official Trailer

From legendary director Jim Wynorski comes his latest feature involving killer robots and dames in distress. Premiering March 31st on Full Moon Features.

When a sentient female robot goes on a berserk killing spree, a group of young people fight for their lives while the mad scientists who created her try to stop the slaughter.

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Mother Mortis Official Movie Trailer SRS Cinema

Come to Mommy dear, it’s time to die!

When deranged and sadistic serial killer MOTHER MORTIS (played by JAY ADDAMZ) and his satanic cult embark on a rampage of torture, death and bizarre rituals in a bid to summon an interdimensional shit demon to devour this universe, only a rag-tag group of survivors can save us from eternal defecation!

Led by none other than NOMI LUCIEN (played by HOLLY LAURA PLATT), the sister of Mother Mortis, our unlikely band of misfits will try to put a stop to Mother Mortis and his murderous reign of death, depravity and terror.

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The Black Demon | @SignatureUK Trailer | 2023 | Megalodon Shark Action Movie | Starring Josh Lucas


Oilman Paul Sturges (Josh Lucas) takes his family out to a Mexican coastal town to visit his pride and joy. An oil rig.

But when they arrive the once vibrant town is a shadow of its former self. Word of the town is that the drilling has awakened something, a legend, a myth, a megalodon: The Black Demon!

As a non-believer Paul takes his family to investigate the rig only to discover he has provided this giant shark with another meal to terrorise and devour.

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Slaughter Beach Official Movie Trailer SRS Cinema

Welcome to Slaughter Beach! Where the water is cool, the sun is hot, and the fish hooks are razor sharp! When beach bums Ralph and Barry (Jon Mckoy & Ethan Han) are down on their luck in a job search, they decide to become vigilantes to track down a crazed fisherman (Jim Cannatelli) who is terrorizing their coastal town. Can these two wannabe superheroes tackle the problem before the whole town becomes fish food??

Featuring award-winning gore effects from Isabelle Isel (Trauma Queen FX) and killer music tracks from Station, The Jasons, and Skatune Network.

Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen and suit up for splatter hijinks with the Defender Benders as they try to foil Fish Man Sam’s tsunami of terror in this tongue-in-cheek tribute to the golden age of slashers that’ll leave you dead in the water!

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