The Insatiable Volt Sisters by Rachel Eve Moulton Available April 4

Author: Rachel Eve Moulton

It’s the summer of 1989 and Beatrice and Henrietta Volt are coming of age on remote Fowler Island, their ancestral home and wild playground. Thicker than thieves, the sisters plot their futures, having no idea that their parents are separating. Or that the plan is to separate them.

Ten years pass before Henrie gets a desperate call from her sister―their father has died suddenly and B.B. needs her to come back to the island for the funeral. But Henrie doesn’t want to go back. She’s barely put the island and all those rumors about missing women behind her. And isn’t it odd that she remembers nothing at all about the night she left? And why is she suddenly filled with fear about the quarry pond behind the house?

Told from the perspectives of four flawed, fascinating women, The Insatiable Volt Sisters is a lush, enthralling fable about monsters real and imagined. From the unbounded imagination of Rachel Eve Moulton, the critically acclaimed author of Tinfoil Butterfly, comes another eerie, terrifying exploration of family and legacy: Will the Volt sisters inherit the horrors of their past or surpass them?

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The Last Man by Mary Shelley Available April 4

Author: Mary Shelley

One of the first dystopian novels ever written, The Last Man traces the impact of an unstoppable pandemic as it slowly overtakes the world. Beginning in the year 2073, the story follows Lionel Vesey—the titular last man—and his circle of friends as the disease creeps from continent to continent and erodes the foundations of civilization. Published in 1826, after the death of Shelley’s husband, her stepsister, and her two children, The Last Man is both an eerily accurate story about humanity wrestling with disaster and a moving fable about surviving personal grief.

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Linghun by Ai Jiang Available April 4

Author: Ai Jiang

From acclaimed author Ai Jiang, follow Wenqi, Liam, and Mrs. to the mysterious town of HOME, a place where the dead live again as spirits, conjured by the grief-sick population that refuses to let go. This edition includes a foreword by Yi Izzy Yu, Translator of The Shadow Book of Ji Yun, the essay “A Ramble on Di Fu Ling & Death” by the author, and two bonus short stories from Jiang: “Yǒngshí” and “Teeter Totter.”

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Little Miss Apocalypse by Danger Slater Available April 4

Author: Danger Slater

With the help of her gothy best friend, a socially-awkward 80s movie-obsessed teenager hatches a plan to trick the most popular boy in school into being her prom date. The only problem is, she has a secret missile hidden inside her vagina, ready to detonate on the day she gets her first kiss.

From Wonderland Award-Winning Author, Danger Slater, comes a bizarro spoof of teen coming-of-age rom-coms infused with irreverent gross-out meta-literary sensibilities. Crass and cerebral and weird as hell.

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M. R. James Ghost Stories (Arcturus Classic Mysteries and Marvels, 6) by Montague Rhodes James Available April 4

Author: Montague Rhodes James

This handsome hardback with foil blocking brings together the classic short fiction of M.R. James, one of the most acclaimed ghost story writers of all time.

Set among dark cathedrals, remote inns, and rural estates, with ancient artefacts of awful power lurking in the shadows, a sense of dread and unease builds until some terrible force is unleashed. These haunting tales by one of the genre’s all-time greats will keep you transfixed even as your blood turns to ice.

Inside, you will find 20 terrifying tales including:

• Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad

• Casting the Runes

• Count Magnus

• Lost Hearts

• The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral

• And many more.

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Mother of Learning : ARC 4 by Domagoj Kurmaic Available April 4

Author: Domagoj Kurmaic

A devastating attack by the lich Quatach-Ichl has left Zorian and Zach reeling as their remaining restarts tick away. As they recover, they make preparations for their final confrontations with Red Robe, the lich, the primordial being, and the invaders—all within the shadow of a question they can’t answer: can Zorian and Zach both survive outside the time loop?

When the time loop is broken, sacrifices will be made, bonds will be tested, and trust will be more important than any magical skill or power—and even then, success is not guaranteed.

But unbeknownst to his allies, Zorian made another plan in secret…

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Marasenna II: Revelation by J.S Knight Available April 4

Author: J.S Knight

Politics are not something Eldroth ever thought he would find himself embroiled in, yet here he sits in a castle built on the deaths of millions to ask for help from the most powerful rulers on Ser. New allies come out to support him and new friendships are forged.

However, not everyone wants to see the Marasenna return, as it will shift power dynamics that have been in place for centuries — and some still hate them for simply existing.

Follow Eldroth in his attempt to secure an army to free his people, though some would see him killed before he can achieve his goals.

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Natural Beauty by Ling Ling Huang Available April 4

Author: Ling Ling Huang

Sly, surprising, and razor-sharp, Natural Beauty follows a young musician into an elite, beauty-obsessed world where perfection comes at a staggering cost.

Our narrator produces a sound from the piano no one else at the Conservatory can. She employs a technique she learned from her parents—also talented musicians—who fled China in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. But when an accident leaves her parents debilitated, she abandons her future for a job at a high-end beauty and wellness store in New York City. Holistik is known for its remarkable products and procedures—from remoras that suck out cheap Botox to eyelash extensions made of spider silk—and her new job affords her entry into a world of privilege and gives her a long-awaited sense of belonging. She becomes transfixed by Helen, the niece of Holistik’s charismatic owner, and the two strike up a friendship that hazily veers into more. All the while, our narrator is plied with products that slim her thighs, smooth her skin, and lighten her hair. But beneath these creams and tinctures lies something sinister. A piercing, darkly funny debut, Natural Beauty explores questions of consumerism, self-worth, race, and identity—and leaves readers with a shocking and unsettling truth.

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Paradise-1 (Red Space) by David Wellington Available April 4

Author: David Wellington

Paradise-1. Earth’s first deep space colony. For thousands of people, it was an opportunity for a new life. Until it went dark.

No communication has been received from the colony for months. And it falls to Firewatch inspector Alexandra Petrova and the crew of the Artemis to investigate.

What they find is more horrifying than anything they could have imagined.

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