The Insatiable Volt Sisters by Rachel Eve Moulton Available April 4

Author: Rachel Eve Moulton

It’s the summer of 1989 and Beatrice and Henrietta Volt are coming of age on remote Fowler Island, their ancestral home and wild playground. Thicker than thieves, the sisters plot their futures, having no idea that their parents are separating. Or that the plan is to separate them.

Ten years pass before Henrie gets a desperate call from her sister―their father has died suddenly and B.B. needs her to come back to the island for the funeral. But Henrie doesn’t want to go back. She’s barely put the island and all those rumors about missing women behind her. And isn’t it odd that she remembers nothing at all about the night she left? And why is she suddenly filled with fear about the quarry pond behind the house?

Told from the perspectives of four flawed, fascinating women, The Insatiable Volt Sisters is a lush, enthralling fable about monsters real and imagined. From the unbounded imagination of Rachel Eve Moulton, the critically acclaimed author of Tinfoil Butterfly, comes another eerie, terrifying exploration of family and legacy: Will the Volt sisters inherit the horrors of their past or surpass them?

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The Last Man by Mary Shelley Available April 4

Author: Mary Shelley

One of the first dystopian novels ever written, The Last Man traces the impact of an unstoppable pandemic as it slowly overtakes the world. Beginning in the year 2073, the story follows Lionel Vesey—the titular last man—and his circle of friends as the disease creeps from continent to continent and erodes the foundations of civilization. Published in 1826, after the death of Shelley’s husband, her stepsister, and her two children, The Last Man is both an eerily accurate story about humanity wrestling with disaster and a moving fable about surviving personal grief.

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Linghun by Ai Jiang Available April 4

Author: Ai Jiang

From acclaimed author Ai Jiang, follow Wenqi, Liam, and Mrs. to the mysterious town of HOME, a place where the dead live again as spirits, conjured by the grief-sick population that refuses to let go. This edition includes a foreword by Yi Izzy Yu, Translator of The Shadow Book of Ji Yun, the essay “A Ramble on Di Fu Ling & Death” by the author, and two bonus short stories from Jiang: “Yǒngshí” and “Teeter Totter.”

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Little Miss Apocalypse by Danger Slater Available April 4

Author: Danger Slater

With the help of her gothy best friend, a socially-awkward 80s movie-obsessed teenager hatches a plan to trick the most popular boy in school into being her prom date. The only problem is, she has a secret missile hidden inside her vagina, ready to detonate on the day she gets her first kiss.

From Wonderland Award-Winning Author, Danger Slater, comes a bizarro spoof of teen coming-of-age rom-coms infused with irreverent gross-out meta-literary sensibilities. Crass and cerebral and weird as hell.

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M. R. James Ghost Stories (Arcturus Classic Mysteries and Marvels, 6) by Montague Rhodes James Available April 4

Author: Montague Rhodes James

This handsome hardback with foil blocking brings together the classic short fiction of M.R. James, one of the most acclaimed ghost story writers of all time.

Set among dark cathedrals, remote inns, and rural estates, with ancient artefacts of awful power lurking in the shadows, a sense of dread and unease builds until some terrible force is unleashed. These haunting tales by one of the genre’s all-time greats will keep you transfixed even as your blood turns to ice.

Inside, you will find 20 terrifying tales including:

• Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad

• Casting the Runes

• Count Magnus

• Lost Hearts

• The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral

• And many more.

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Mother of Learning : ARC 4 by Domagoj Kurmaic Available April 4

Author: Domagoj Kurmaic

A devastating attack by the lich Quatach-Ichl has left Zorian and Zach reeling as their remaining restarts tick away. As they recover, they make preparations for their final confrontations with Red Robe, the lich, the primordial being, and the invaders—all within the shadow of a question they can’t answer: can Zorian and Zach both survive outside the time loop?

When the time loop is broken, sacrifices will be made, bonds will be tested, and trust will be more important than any magical skill or power—and even then, success is not guaranteed.

But unbeknownst to his allies, Zorian made another plan in secret…

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Marasenna II: Revelation by J.S Knight Available April 4

Author: J.S Knight

Politics are not something Eldroth ever thought he would find himself embroiled in, yet here he sits in a castle built on the deaths of millions to ask for help from the most powerful rulers on Ser. New allies come out to support him and new friendships are forged.

However, not everyone wants to see the Marasenna return, as it will shift power dynamics that have been in place for centuries — and some still hate them for simply existing.

Follow Eldroth in his attempt to secure an army to free his people, though some would see him killed before he can achieve his goals.

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Natural Beauty by Ling Ling Huang Available April 4

Author: Ling Ling Huang

Sly, surprising, and razor-sharp, Natural Beauty follows a young musician into an elite, beauty-obsessed world where perfection comes at a staggering cost.

Our narrator produces a sound from the piano no one else at the Conservatory can. She employs a technique she learned from her parents—also talented musicians—who fled China in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. But when an accident leaves her parents debilitated, she abandons her future for a job at a high-end beauty and wellness store in New York City. Holistik is known for its remarkable products and procedures—from remoras that suck out cheap Botox to eyelash extensions made of spider silk—and her new job affords her entry into a world of privilege and gives her a long-awaited sense of belonging. She becomes transfixed by Helen, the niece of Holistik’s charismatic owner, and the two strike up a friendship that hazily veers into more. All the while, our narrator is plied with products that slim her thighs, smooth her skin, and lighten her hair. But beneath these creams and tinctures lies something sinister. A piercing, darkly funny debut, Natural Beauty explores questions of consumerism, self-worth, race, and identity—and leaves readers with a shocking and unsettling truth.

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Paradise-1 (Red Space) by David Wellington Available April 4

Author: David Wellington

Paradise-1. Earth’s first deep space colony. For thousands of people, it was an opportunity for a new life. Until it went dark.

No communication has been received from the colony for months. And it falls to Firewatch inspector Alexandra Petrova and the crew of the Artemis to investigate.

What they find is more horrifying than anything they could have imagined.

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Patterns of Orbit by Chloe N Clark Available April 4

Author: Chloe N Clark

Steadily gazing into and across the uncanny valley, Clark examines those jarring or subtle shifts in familiar stories, writing light into dark, and offering slivers of hope despite the longest of odds. Successfully navigating a potent concoction of science fiction, folktale, and horror this collection of literary, character driven stories combines the accumulated forces and darker natures of those genre elements, unleashing the terrors of alien fungi, forest demons, and interplanetary specters upon her characters. However, while these characters, capable and intelligent, face off against their prescribed monsters, it is their existential misgivings on the state of their worlds or conditions that will leave an indelible mark on the reader. An impressive entry in the literary/genre hybrid canon, this collection offers a satisfying read to the connoisseurs of both genre and literary fiction. So, be bold. Take a swim through the anti-gravity. You are sure to be captured by “Patterns of Orbit.”

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Pest by Michael Cisco Available April 4

Author: Michael Cisco

Pest presents the bizarre events that lead a new, parallel life for a man named Chalo as a wild yak living in the Himalayas.

Chalo the man is recruited by a latter day prophet named Grant to design and build a campus on Catalina Island, where initiates will be trained to receive a celestial visitor, the “Ancient Newborn.” Chalo the yak reflects on his human past while the annual rut looms ominously nearer and nearer. The struggle to fund and construct the campus is complemented by the psychoactive changes of the yak breeding cycle, and the mating battles that Chalo will have to participate in. Both involve creating something that will outlast Chalo’s individual life, and give it meaning. Both will also involve telluric forces, demons recruited by Grant to overcome sinister fiduciary magic, which cross-link the two halves of the story.

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Run Rabbit Run (Dark Drabbles Book 15) by Black Hare Press Available April 4

Author: Black Hare Press

Bunny butchers, lunatic lagomorphs, cut-throat cottontails, evil Easter bunnies, poisonous pikas, and all manner of arduous alliterative animal anecdotes, compiled by the Hell Hare Submission Reader:

They queue. With gaunt faces and bloodshot eyes, weary feet trudge slowly. The line snakes down the hill, back and forth between the Hell Fires, all eyes on the stooped shoulders in front. Silence, but for quiet groans. He watches. Three crimson eyes glow eerily in the dark; all that can be seen of the black Hell Hare waiting in the shadows. Trembling hands lift their offering to the altar, reverently placing it upon the last. Some even shed a single tear. His soul aches. For he knows he is the maker of dreams, but also the breaker of hearts.

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The Scourge Between Stars by Ness Brown Available April 4

Author: Ness Brown

As acting captain of the starship Calypso, Jacklyn Albright is responsible for keeping the last of humanity alive as they limp back to Earth from their forebears’ failed colony on a distant planet.

Faced with constant threats of starvation and destruction in the treacherous minefield of interstellar space, Jacklyn’s crew has reached their breaking point. As unrest begins to spread throughout the ship’s Wards, a new threat emerges, picking off crew members in grim, bloody fashion.

Jacklyn and her team must hunt down the ship’s unknown intruder if they have any hope of making it back to their solar system alive.

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The Ruptured Sky : Gardens of War & Wasteland Book I by Jessica A McMinn Available April 4

Author: Jessica A McMinn

A dead goddess.A broken sky.A world wasted by magic.

Princess Amikharlia wants one thing in life: control of her own fate.

On the eve of her wedding, Amika flees her homeland, seeking the truth behind the mysterious magical abilities she’d kept hidden since childhood.

Taking up the life of a demon huntress, Amika uncovers a madman’s prophecy that would have her revive an ancient goddess-and destroy the world in the process.

Will Amika become a pawn in another man’s game or continue her fight against destiny’s shackles?

As a dark and dangerous power begins to rise, she must make her choice soon.

But is laying the world to waste truly the way to save it?

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Sorceress (The Mage Saga Book 4) by Ken Warner Available April 4

Author: Ken Warner

Fifteen years have passed since Nyro’s liberation, and neither the great necromancer nor Syllith, the mage she possessed, has been seen anywhere in Anoria. But when elves are spotted in several princedoms, Mira begins to worry it could be a prelude to an invasion. When armies land in Rockport and Blacksand, Princess Jezebel sends Khaldun and Mira to assist in the princedoms’ defense, but before long, the conflict overruns the entire continent. Will Mira’s newfound abilities be enough to turn the tide?

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Swan Song by Robert McCammon Available April 4

Author: Robert McCammon

Facing down an unprecedented malevolent enemy, the US government responds with a nuclear attack. Soon, America as it was is gone forever, and now every citizen—from the president of the United States to the homeless on the streets of New York City—will fight to stay alive. In a wasteland born of rage and fear, populated by monstrous creatures and marauding armies, Earth’s last survivors are drawn into the final battle between good and evil, which will decide the fate of humanity: Sister, who discovers a strange and transformative glass artifact in the destroyed Manhattan streets…Joshua Hutchins, the pro wrestler who takes refuge from the nuclear fallout at a Nebraska gas station…and Swan, a young girl possessing special powers, who travels alongside Josh to a Midwest town where healing and recovery can begin with her extraordinary gifts. But the ancient force behind the world’s devastation is scouring the walking wounded for recruits to build its relentless army, beginning with Swan herself…

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The Survival of Margaret Thomas by Del Howison Available April 4

Author: Del Howison

In this action packed horror novel set in the old west, Margaret “Peggy” Thomas’ peaceful life is turned upside down after the murder of the local sheriff, her husband, James. Peggy, accompanied by a group of misfit companions, will stop at nothing to face her husband’s killer, and time is running out. Del Howison has crafted a dark, nuanced tale about justice, found family, and the choices we make in the throes of desperation when faced with nothing to lose. The Survival of Margaret Thomas transcends genre into a tale of hope, heart, and revenge.

Margaret Thomas lives a quiet life with her husband James in the small town of Bleak Knob, Missouri. Until one afternoon James is gunned down on the sidewalk in front of her, and she’s left to care for the land and herself, alone. With more questions than answers, and years of grief and alcohol, a sudden telegram announcing the upcoming trial of one of James’ killers pushes Peggy into action. accompanied by groups of misfit companions, Peggy will stop at nothing to face her husband’s killer, and time is running out.

Powerful and wrought with adventure, The Survival of Margaret Thomas is the newest in a long line of great American road novels.

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Tales of Cosmic Terror (Arcturus Classic Mysteries and Marvels, 4) by H. P. Lovecraft Available April 4

Author: H. P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft’s terrifying tales have influenced generations of horror writers. His otherworldly visions of cosmic horrors, alien beings, and a world not quite our own remain immensely powerful and able to terrify even the most resolute readers. This collection spans the breadth of Lovecraft’s literary career, from his early forays into the Dreamlands to his mature writings of the Cthulhu mythos.

H. P. Lovecraft’s petrifying yet fascinating stories took their inspiration from a multitude of literary influences, including the mysterious Arabian Nights, the capricious deities and heroes of Greek mythology, and the lyrical horrors of the gothic tales told to him by his grandfather. His writing gave voice to the belief that there are some things in this world that can never be understood.

This collection features several of H. P. Lovecraft’s most iconic tales, including: • The Call of Cthulhu

• The Whisperer in Darkness

• The Thing on the Doorstep

• The Lurking Fear

• The Shadow Over Innsmouth

• The Shunned House

• From Beyond

• Pickman’s Model

• The Nameless City

• The Dreams in the Witch House

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Untamed Eclipse (A Song of Sun and Shadow Book 2) by Raven Flanagan Available April 4

Author: Raven Flanagan

Dreams of a magical island lured Princess Nevar Solen-Mor’gen away from her kingdom. Far from home, mystical witches sealed her fate, turning her into the vessel for a malicious primordial deity. Until visions of growing danger enticed her into escaping the witches to face a new peril across the sea.

In the city of Bellmead, Deimos, a mysterious and alluring silver-eyed man, draws Nevar into hunting demons corrupted by the magical Rift from her homeland. She joins him, determined to find out who summoned the appalling creatures terrorizing citizens in the night.

Struggling to contain the deity tormenting her, Nevar caves to the irresistible passion Deimos stirs within her. Although there’s something unusual about him and his silver eyes, the heat of his touch eases the voice in her head and the beast under her skin.

While battling the fiends within the city, Deimos and Nevar have personal monsters to tame, and they’ll need one another to overcome them.

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Wraithbound (Spiritbinder Saga) by Tim Akers Available April 4

Author: Tim Akers


Since he was a boy, Rae Kelthannis has dreamed of being a stormbinder like his father, with an air elemental stitched into the fabric of his soul and the winds of heaven at his command. Those dreams died when his father, through no fault of his own, fell into disgrace and was banned by the justicars of the Iron Council. The family fled to the edge of the Ordered World, to live in fear in the shadow of encroaching Chaos.

When Rae defies his father’s orders and attempts to stitch an air elemental to his soul, he instead binds himself to a mysterious wraith. That’s when things get complicated and the world starts to fall apart around him. Literally.

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Winterfell Academy by Elle Mae Available April 4

Author: Elle Mae

The Price of Silence Universe is back with a new box set! This is a collection of all five books, special bonus content, and an exclusive villain novella for readers to enjoy!

I am Rosie Miller and at the age of ten, I was cursed.

Because of my parents’ debt, I was forced into silence and now every word, every laugh, was a weapon used against me.

By nineteen I had come to understand that I would have no choice but to follow in my parents’ footsteps. Get a soul-sucking job reserved for low-levels like me, keep my head down, and die alone.

That was until I got a letter one day welcoming me to the most prestigious demon academy in the entire country.

I knew that when I opened that letter, it was too good to be true. There was no way after thousands of years of separation between high-levels and low-levels that I would ever be given such a golden opportunity.

Meeting them only proved my suspicions to be correct.

A bloodthirsty gangster.

A child of a high-ranking demon official with a penance for blackmail.

And last but not least a witch who seems to be called by the power my curse exudes.

Becoming tangled with them will probably be the most reckless thing that I have ever done in my life, but will it be worth finally breaking my curse after nine years?

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Alice’s Coalition : Rathe Chronicles Book Four by Alexandra K Martin Available April 5

Author: Alexandra K Martin

Authors note: This book continues on from the epilogue of Havana’s Hell but unlike Havana, Alice’s Kindreds are a little more… well, more. *wink wink

There are no triggers other than self depreciation and some bullying, which I’m sure by now you’re expecting but a HFN is promised, I swear. I take good care of my girls and Alice will be more than satisfied when the Cheetah’s get their hands on her.

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Diabolical Dreamscapes by Leilanie Stewart Available April 5

Author: Leilanie Stewart

Reader beware! From the hallucinatory imagination of Leilanie Stewart, author of award-winning ghost horror novel, The Blue Man, comes twenty-one previously published short stories and flash fiction, now entombed between the covers of a new darkly themed collection.

In Part 1: Dark and Surreal Tales of Death…

…Corpses find new purposes in death while fated to walk the earth and surreal journeys of the afterlife abound, involving trips to far-reaching corners of the earth, the moon, or Venus during the last throes of life.

In Part 2: Strange and Hallucinatory Stories of the Mind…

…Cats, rabbits, dogs, birds and spiders have a role to play in these dreamlike journeys through the mind, helping the characters of each tale unravel their fears and anxiety, while facing their darkness, depression and demons.

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Dead Men Don’t Retire (Spirit of the Law Mysteries) by Lolli Powell Available April 5

Author: Lolli Powell

Shelby Wolfe’s life has gotten complicated—two eccentric aunts, too many attractive men, and too many roommates—both living and dead.

It’s winter in Goose Lick, and Shelby Wolfe is settling into her new home. Chief Jebediah Carpenter doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to move on, but when Lillian Harris, a local lawsuit-crazy woman, is stabbed to death with one of the café’s knives, Shelby is kind of glad Jeb is still around. Just hours before, the woman, Lil Harris, had stormed into the café and accused Shelby’s cousin, Red, of trying to poison her. During the ensuing argument, Red had a knife in his hand, the same knife that ended up being the murder weapon.

Since the murdered woman had sued nearly everyone in town and claimed to know things about people they would want kept secret, almost everyone in Goose Lick had a motive for wanting to see Lillian dead. But thanks to the argument and the knife, the police zero in on Red. Shelby knows her cousin wouldn’t have killed anyone, but she’s convinced someone is trying to set him up. She vows to prove his innocence by finding the real killer, and she has Chief Jeb Carpenter to help her.

After all, dead men don’t retire.

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Guy Fawkes: Demon Hunter : A Diabolical Plot by Benjamin Langley Available April 5

Author: Benjamin Langley

It’s time for Guy Fawkes to face his destiny.

Seeking allies to help combat England’s demons, Guy Fawkes fights all over Europe with friends old and new until an encounter with the King of Spain sends him into Africa to interrupt England’s supply of gunpowder. But in Morocco, Guy discovers a dangerous cult, the Children of Mizraim, who plan to corrupt the entire world with a demon plague. Battling against a resurrected nun, black cathedrals rising from the seas, and the Spanish Inquisition, Guy Fawkes travels farther than ever, facing greater dangers, on a path that eventually leads him back to England.

At home, England’s new king, James I, reigns over a population terrified of religious persecution. To end this oppression, Guy Fawkes joins a band of conspirators determined to change the world for the better. Will this explosive plot finally bring an end to England’s demon rule, or will diabolical forces thwart Guy’s plans once and for all?

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