And What of the Cargo? by Iyapo Yapa Available March 17

Author: Iyapo Yapa “Kylah Mbaye of the Zahnoka people, lay as silently and still as she could, halfheartedly petitioning the ancestors that at least for one night she would not be spirited away and taken above deck to endure yet another in a procession of endless rapes. Another woman would have long ago given in […]

Beasts of 42nd Street by Preston Fassel Available March 17

Author: Preston Fassel From the award-winning author of Our Lady of the Inferno comes another tale of New York in the Bad Old Days: A saga of murder, bloodshed, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Times Square at the height of its decadence and depravity. In the kingdom of the damned that is 42nd […]

Better Than Me by Zoe Cannon Available March 17

Author: Zoe Cannon Seward is a torturer. He serves the conquerors who broke his kingdom’s army. He gets information from the rebels who were brave enough not to switch sides like he did. Seward is a coward. One rebel refuses to give in. As brave as she is beautiful, she’s far too noble to break […]

The Booms : Volume 2 by J.B. Available March 17

Author: J.B. In a society of the lost, abandoned by the great cities of Vindiri, Floaters are forced to live in the unforgiving Booms, where the wind never stops blowing and an airborne drug, called dust, reigns as king. In this desolate, dystopian world, the strong flourish on massive floating ships called shelters, unfurling their […]

Dark Timber by J. R. Rice Available March 17

Author: J. R. Rice October, 1945—Five months after the end of World War II, Walton Hess Jr. returned from Europe to his family home in Lakes End. Three weeks later, his father, a wealthy cattle baron was dead, making him the sole heir to the vast Hess empire. Walton had dreamed of this day for […]

Fate: Sensitive Savage by AM Sams Available March 17

Author: AM Sams Raina wakes to find she had her wolf, her mate, and the Alpha of a pack. She and her mate must decide how to proceed with the pack. Will they move across the country and leave everyone they love behind?

Happy Ghoulidays II by Shannon Lawrence Available March 17

Author: Shannon Lawrence The holidays elicit a mixture of emotions, from joy and revelry to despair and rage. In these stories, we examine the dark side of the holidays with a twisted Easter egg hunt, a desperate St. Patrick’s Day curse, a monster that’s only visible in the light of fireworks, a mother’s guilt on […]