Dark Horse Direct Debuts Hellboy 30th Anniversary Commemorative Hand-Numbered Screen Prints

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From The Press Release:

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s legendary Hellboy Universe, and Dark Horse Direct is celebrating all year with a series of screen print reproductions showcasing the art and story of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. The first screen prints will reproduce Mignola’s Seed of Destruction #1 and a 1994 Wake the Devil promotional comic ad and are available for pre-order now.

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Putty Pygmalion Available July 17

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Author: Lonnie Garcia

Derryl, a lonely radish, attempts to create a boyfriend out of a defunct and now illegal children’s product. His creation, Peter, springs to life ready to make a child happy, and instead finds a suffocating and cloistered existence catering to Derryl’s needs. When Peter sneaks out to a party one night and meets Derryl’s friends, he discovers there’s even more to his creator’s intentions than he thought.

A queer complication on the Pygmalion myth, brought to life through Lonnie Garcia’s emotional, multimedia comic art.

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Into the Unbeing : Part One #2 Available July 17

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Author: Zac Thompson

With their leader missing and a sand storm at their backs, the expedition has no choice but to take shelter within their newly discovered alien environment. Inside, the team must contend with their own egos as they discover strange indigenous lifeforms and impossible secrets that stretch back decades. From critically acclaimed writer Zac Thompson (Cemetery Kids Don’t Die, Blow Away) and visionary artist Hayden Sherman (Dark Spaces: Dungeon, Wasted Space).

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Shadows Over Venice Vol. 2 Available July 22

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Author: Jiří Tesař

From the peak of high Renaissance to the near end of the Venetian republic, one thing runs through the ages like a festering magical inflammation hidden in the shady corners of the society and sticks its fangs out only in times when it can do most damage. The hereditary curse of sleepwalking, spread throughout the city in the times of the Great Plague, seems to make people do things in their unconscious state that work for the cause of another will than their own. Can enough people see through the conspiracy behind this curse in time to act before all the magical seeds of corruption reach their fruition?

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Heartpiercer #3 Available July 17

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Author: Rich Douek

As the werewolves wear down Briarglen’s defenses, Atala will go to every length to hold back the forces of the night. But it will all be in vain if she cannot overcome their fear and show them victory is possible. With the monstrous Howler himself bearing down on the village however, it seems increasingly unlikely.

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Arcadian (2024) Available July 23

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In a near future, normal life on Earth has been decimated. Paul and his two sons, Thomas and Joseph, have been living a half-life – tranquility by day and torment by night. Every night, after the sun sets, they face the unrelenting attacks of a mysterious and violent evil. One day, when Thomas doesn’t return

home before sundown, Paul must leave the safety of their fortified farm to find him. A nightmarish battle ensues that forces the family to execute a desperate plan to survive.

STARRING: Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins, Sadie Soverall

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Dracula : Blood Hunt #3 Available July 17

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Author: Danny Lore


The vampire scourge continues to ravage Earth as the BLOOD HUNT rages on – and DRACULA must move to assert his place in the hierarchy of the night! That is, if he can convince Brielle Brooks, A.K.A. Bloodline, to bend to his will – unfortunately, she’s a teenage girl, and convincing her of anything will take every resource the immortal Lord of Vampires has at his disposal…

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Blood Hunters #4 Available July 17

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Author: Fabian Nicieza & Mary SanGiovanni & Erica Schultz

When Earth’s skies go dark, it attracts the attention of the Silver Surfer! See the BLOOD HUNT event from an entirely new and cosmic perspective! Then Satana and her basilisk intend to show the invading vamps exactly what happens when you cross the daughter of Satan! And finally, Hallows’ Eve enters the fray, joining Dagger, Elsa Bloodstone and White Widow for a final showdown with the vampiric hordes! But the end of this tale is just the beginning for…the BLOOD HUNTERS!

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Dead Whisper | Official Trailer (HD) | Howlin Hounds Pictures

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Samuel Dunning stars as Elliot Campbell, a Cape Cod lawyer and grieving father. When Elliot boards a ferry on business, he is redirected to a nightmarish island off the coast. There, a demonic entity offers him a reunion with his dead daughter, but at the peril of his soul. Dead Whisper is a chilling tale of grief, temptation, and the lengths we will go to see a loved one once more.

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Scream Therapy | Official Trailer

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Five gal pals struggling with life decide to head to the desert, for a girls weekend of restorative scream therapy. Their vacation takes a sharp turn when they cross paths with a few dead-beat dudes who turn out to be demon-worshipping incels on the hunt for a human sacrifice. When these guys discover a secluded house with five lonely women – they decide to make them their sacrifice forcing the women to outwit and outlast these demonic henchmen who have no lives.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) (4K Ultra HD) Available July 16

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“They’re already here! You’re next!” With these chilling words, Invasion of the Body Snatchers sounded the clarion call to the dangers of conformity, paranoia and mass hysteria at the heart of 1950s American life. One of the greatest and most influential science fiction films ever made, Invasion stars Kevin McCarthy (Nightmare, Mirage) as Miles Bennell, a doctor in a small California town whose patients are becoming increasingly overwrought, accusing their loved ones of being emotionless imposters. They’re right! Plant-like extraterrestrials have invaded Earth, taking possession of humans as they sleep and replicating them in giant seed pods. Convinced that a catastrophic pandemic is imminent, Bennell, in a terrifying race for his life, must warn the world of this deadly invasion of the pod people—before it’s too late! This is the original adaptation of Jack Finney’s eerie tale, produced by Walter Wanger (Scarlet Street, Cleopatra) and directed by Don Siegel (Dirty Harry, Charley Varrick) in beautiful black-and-white Superscope. One of the mightiest cult classics of cinema is now scarier and timelier than ever! This special edition features the film in two aspect ratios, 2.00:1 and 1.85:1.

STARRING: Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates, Carolyn Jones

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Tarot (2024) Available July 9

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When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings – never use someone else’s deck – they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings.

STARRING: Harriet Slater, Adain Bradley, Avantika Vandanapu, Jacob Batalon, Wolfgang Novogratz

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Ostermontag (1991) Available July 9

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Massacre Video presents Ostermontag – A twisted tale of obsession and mistaken identity – a controversial masterpiece in the German splatter genre.

In Ostermontag, a twisted tale of obsession and mistaken identity unravels with shocking consequences. Heiko, consumed by his unreciprocated love for one of his stepsisters, is unknowingly entangled with her twin, Nicole, in a deadly game of deception. His growing confusion and frustration lead to a catastrophic error: the accidental murder of the wrong sister. Years later, Heiko, haunted by his past, lures who he believes to be Nicole under false pretences, igniting a chain of violent and grotesque events of staggering proportions.

Massacre Video proudly unveils the ultimate Blu-ray edition of Ostermontag, a controversial masterpiece in the German splatter genre by director Heiko Fipper (Das Komabrutale Duell). This landmark release, featuring brand new HD masters sourced from the original tapes, delivers an unparalleled viewing experience. This world-first edition is not only presented completely uncut and uncensored, but also includes all three cuts of the film: the Director´s Brain Damage (2016), and the highly sought-after original versions, Ostermontag (1993) and Ostermontag 2 (1993), each with newly created English subtitles. Dive into the raw and intense world of this German splatter classic, now available in its most comprehensive and pristine form.

STARRING: Nicole Dietrich, Stephan Fippe, Heiko Fipper

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Deer Camp ’86 (2022) Available July 9

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In the fall of 1986, six knuckleheads from Detroit travel to Northern Michigan for deer hunting season. But something horrific has been awakened, and soon the hunters become the hunted.

STARRING: Noah LaLonde, Jay J. Bidwell, Arthur Cartwright, Brian Michael Raetz

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Vampirella vs. The SuperPowers Available June 25

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Author: Dan Abnett

It’s full-throttle throwback action, courtesy of superstar writer Dan Abnett (Avengers, Warhammer) and red-hot artist Pasquale Qualano (DC Vs. Vampires)!

Vampirella and her trusty sidekick Dyna Might have become superheroes, and are assigned to save a world that looks strangely similar to 1940s Earth, rife with crime and corruption, and two-fisted superheroes who don’t take kindly to meddling from interdimensional vampire aliens! Can Vampirella survive an onslaught of conflict from villains and heroes alike, all while solving a murder mystery and keeping her precocious sidekick alive?

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The Pumpkin Man (2023) Available June 25

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Cromwell is a town whose history is intertwined with that of a local legend; The Pumpkin Man. Most people don’t believe the tales, but when Catherine Quinn discovers the missing piece of the legend, she and her friends will come face to face with the Demon of Fall… Kürbis.

STARRING: Esteban Abanto, Matthew Beaton, Barbara Desa

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Mind Melters 46 Available June 18

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See stand-up comedian Bob East, make your sides split open and your guts fall on the floor with his jokes! Then be dragged kicking and screaming to witness the blood and gore on the set of Mad man director James Balsamo’s vampire epic Bite Squad! Mind Melters 46 is sure to make you sick, with joy from watching vampires melt and ooze! Grab a barf bag, and an after dinner mint for this classic!

STARRING: James Balsamo

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024: Wild Eyed and Wicked Premieres Today on VOD

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Lily Pierce is sick of being haunted. She decides to reconnect with her estranged father, a disgraced history professor, and learn how to draw upon a time of steel and blade when armor-clad knights rode out and dueled their monsters to the death.

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Mind Melters 45 Available June 18

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The nuclear fallout shelter has been raided! We here at AcidBath Productions, have blown the spiderwebs off of some vintage digital tapes to bring you more mind melting goodness! Mind Melters 45 presents you with never before seen behind the scenes footage of Mad Man director James Balsamo’s first film Hack Job! As well as some of his live concert footage! This amalgamation of chaos is not something you want to miss! So grab a blood soaked bucket of snacks and let Mind Melters 45 attack!

STARRING: James Balsamo

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Due Occhi Diabolici / Two Evil Eyes (1990) (Ultra Limited Deluxe Bag includes All-Region Blu-Ray, Book and Soundtrack CD & LP) (Import) Available June 14

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A duo of Edgar Allan Poe adaptations about a greedy wife’s attempt to embezzle her dying husband’s fortune, and a sleazy reporter’s adoption of a strange black cat.

STARRING: Adrienne Barbeau, Harvey Keitel, Ramy Zada

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