Between by Jo Buer Available April 17

Author: Jo Buer In a house full of secrets, one woman’s need for the truth may cost her life. Ink still wet on her divorce papers, Rhea Harding arrives at Cambre House yearning for nothing more than sanctuary from the horrors in her past. The sprawling estate offers romantic décor and lush gardens… but it’s […]

Captured by Lauren Biel Available April 17

Author: Lauren Biel Love has never been enough within these walls Alexzander Every day feels the same. Beaten down, conditioned to hurt others, and unable to feel anything resembling love. My existence is a hollow shell of what it could be, until I find her. The woman I capture turns my world upside down. She’s […]

Fleeing from Peace: Part 2 (Centrum Glacies) by Ross Ellison Available April 17

Author: Ross Ellison Faustus, Trent, Jyona, Siobhan, and Aldin have all successfully found the Adventurer’s Guild and made it beyond the initial trials. But they have not escaped their pasts and present. With hints that some of their competitors might be their enemy, the five will need to keep their friends close and these adversaries […]

From the Beginning (Uncommon Bonds Book 3) by William E. Noland Available April 17

Author: William E. Noland A devastating flood and a chance encounter trigger a rapid-fire series of events that again pit Lotte Schwarz and Eric Schneider against challenges both mortal and supernatural. After a fortuitous meeting, Lotte discovers yet another otherworldly portal, but others are also hot on the trail of this artifact. When Lotte disappears, […]

Funfair by Sam West Available April 17

Author: Sam West THE FUNFAIR HAS COME TO TOWN. They arrive in Broadgate on the morning of October 31st and take over the clifftop park. Hordes of carnival folk in a convoy of black vans with one-way windows. It’s almost as if they’ve come from nowhere… High fencing is erected around the park and they […]

The Massacre at Yellow Hill by C. S. Humble Available April 17

Author: C. S. Humble When George Miller is killed in the mines of Yellow Hill, his wife and children are left to try and piece their lives back together. Tabitha Miller, George’s widow, is thrown into deeper chaos when she discovers that George’s death had nothing to do with the cave’s collapse, but was caused […]

Reasons to Scream by Corie LaSalle Available April 17

Author: Corie LaSalle There’s plenty of reasons to scream, everyone has at least one. This book contains 13 of them. Reasons such as the hidden secrets in the attic or in the basement, the things that lie deep within the ocean, the newest patient at Willow Hills Asylum, the lively crowd at Lola’s, and the […]