Lone Sloane : Babel Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #LoneSloane – #PhilippeDruilletXavierCazauxZago – @ComicsTitan – Author: Philippe Druillet & Xavier Cazaux-Zago Fans of sensational comics creator Philippe Druillet will adore this lavish addition to his masterful works! A brand new adventure for the stoic hero Lone Sloane, in his endless struggle against dark gods, robotic entities and alien […]

Carthago : Kane Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #Carthago – #ChristopheBec – @humanoidsinc – Author: Christophe Bec From the world of Carthago comes the story of Kane, a merman from a storied subterranean society as he escapes his capture by a billionaire researcher who specializes in the study of mythological creatures…including the fabled Megalodon. China, 1977. Kane, […]

Dead Seas Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #DeadSeas – #CavanScott – @IDWPublishing – Author: Cavan Scott The New York Times-bestselling author of Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm turns to comics for this gruesome graphic novel takedown of the prison industrial complex–where the ghosts are real, dangerous, and incredibly valuable. Ghosts are real […]

Fear and Nature : Ecohorror Studies in the Anthropocene Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #FearandNature – #ChristyTidwell – #CarterSoles – Author: Christy Tidwell & Carter Soles Ecohorror represents human fears about the natural world―killer plants and animals, catastrophic weather events, and disquieting encounters with the nonhuman. Its portrayals of animals, the environment, and even scientists build on popular conceptions of zoology, ecology, and […]

Hallow’s Eve Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #HallowsEve – #EricaSchultz – @Marvel – Author: Erica Schultz The masked sensation Hallows’ Eve gets her own series! Spinning out of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and the epic “Dark Web” storyline, Janine Godbe has a bag of super-powered disguises and a chip on her shoulder. Each mask gives her different monstrous […]

iZombie : The Complete Series Omnibus 2023 Edition Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #iZombie – #ChrisRoberson – @DCOfficial – Author: Chris Roberson Gwen Dylan is a gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery…and a zombie detective. Once a month, she has to eat a human brain – both to keep from going all “Night of the Living Dead,” and to keep her own memories […]

Marvel Zomnibus Returns Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #MarvelZomnibusReturns – #VictorGischler – @Marvel – Author: Victor Gischler Rising from the grave, it’s a second Marvel Zomnibus – featuring a cavalcade of cadaverous carnage, and starring zombified versions of your favorite heroes and villains! Whether on Halloween or Christmas, or at any other time of year, the Marvel […]

Moonshine : The Complete Collection Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #Moonshine – #BrianAzzarello – @ImageComics – Author: Brian Azzarello Collecting the hit crime horror hit series in one complete volume, MOONSHINE tells the story of LOU PIRLO, a city-slick “torpedo” sent from New York City to negotiate a deal with the best moonshiner in Appalachia, one HIRAM HOLT. Lou […]

The Nice House on the Lake (Deluxe Edition) Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #TheNiceHouseontheLake – #JamesVTynion – @DCOfficial – Author: James V Tynion With Something Is Killing the Children and The Department of Truth, James Tynion IV has changed the face of horror in modern comics—now get ready for his most ambitious story yet, alongside his Detective Comics partner Álvaro Martínez Bueno! […]

Predator Vol. 2: The Preserve Available October 24

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #Predator – #EdBrisson – @Marvel – Author: Ed Brisson Fear is reborn! On a planet far from Earth, eight strangers find themselves in a deadly game. But this time, the Predators aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Someone has the Yautja in their sights – and they’ve been […]