Horror History: Friday, May 1, 1981: The Nesting was released in theaters

Agoraphobic mystery novelist Lauren Cochran decides to leave the city in an attempt to cure her recent writer’s block. She rents an old Victorian house in the quiet countryside, unaware of its shocking history. As those around her suffer increasingly violent deaths, Lauren begins to unravel the truth: the house was once an infamous brothel […]

Horror History: Friday, May 1, 1987: Creepshow 2 was released in theaters

The rotting Creep himself is back with three new gruesome tales of horror that will make your skin crawl: a cigar store wooden Indian comes to life to avenge the store owner’s brutal murder at the hands of three punks in “Ol’ Chief Woodenhead.” Prepare for a terrifying roller coaster ride from the masters of […]

Horror History: Friday, May 1, 1987: Psychos in Love was released in theaters

Joe runs a strip club and Kate is an attractive young manicurist. After bonding over their mutual dislike of grapes, they discover another commonality: both of them are bloodthirsty serial killers. As they begin to balance their obsession with murder and each other, they meet Herman, a cannibal who attempts to lure them into killing […]

Horror History: Sunday, May 1, 1994: Shrunken Heads was released in theaters

After being killed by a vicious gang of bikers known as the Vipers, three pals are amazingly resurrected by a mysterious Haitian witch doctor. There is a small catch however, as only their heads are revived and they are only inches tall. Tommy and his two tiny buddies must determine once and for all if […]