Horror History: Friday, May 13, 1977: Day of the Animals was released in theaters

A film that saw the glut of 70s ensemble disaster movies and thought “I could do that for way cheaper!” Guaranteed to delight both fans of animals and twenty four hour intervals of the earth’s rotation. This feature is a parody and contains the original movie combined with a comedic commentary by Mike, Kevin and […]

Horror History: Friday, May 13, 1977: Eaten Alive was released in theaters

The Starlight, a decrepit hotel run by Judd (Neville Brand), receives few customers. Perhaps it’s the remote location in the Texas bayous or the man-eating crocodile in the backyard. But one steamy night finds the Starlight visited by a runaway prostitute (Roberta Collins, Death Race 2000), a young couple (Marilyn Burns and William Finley) and […]