Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle Available April 4

THE CONCLUSION OF THE EPIC TRILOGY FROM THE MASTER OF THE ROMANTIC THRILLER With full creative control restored, writer/director James Nguyen goes back to basics to complete his immortal action-adventure eco-terror vision. As The Reprobate proclaims, “there is so much madness at work here that nothing seems impossible”: When global warming triggers climate chaos along […]

Dinosaur Hotel: The Next Level Available April 4

Surviving contestants are reunited in the ultimate game to win 10 million dollars. Only one contestant will survive and claim the prize as the others fall to the dinosaurs! STARRING: Chrissie Wunna, Giedre Jackyte, Marcus Massey, Osian Dixon

The Mount (2021) Available April 4

Within an aged, run-down mansion upon the forested terrain of ‘The Mount’, Philomena, a bohemian senior who refuses to relinquish her life of solitude and luxury, prepares for her favorite night of the year, Halloween. As she prepares, her desire to be left alone is rudely interrupted by a band of four fiendish, pale-faced children […]

Realm of the Unknown (2022) Available April 4

Satanic Toys, Demonic Bedtime Stories, and Supernatural Terror await in this chilling horror anthology. Six tales of the macabre await anyone who is willing to take a trip to the “Realm of the Unknown”. STARRING: Elizabeth Masucci, J Buckner, Peri Greig

Virtual Reality (2021) Available April 4

A film director agrees to a dark pact to help his career take off. When he summons the cast and crew to his house for a first-cut screening, they will have to survive a reality they never saw coming. STARRING: Vanesa González, Federico Bal, Christian Sancho, Guillermo Berthold

WB 100th 25-Film Collection, Volume Four: Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Horror Available April 4

Celebrating Warner Bros’ 100th Anniversary, this collection includes 25 of the studio’s most iconic titles. Warner Bros. 100th 25-Film Collection: Volume 4 – Thrillers, Sci-Fi and Horror comes in a unique rigid gift box with the discs housed in a lay flat book. Premium items are: a booklet of the original theatrical posters for each […]

Wings Of Disaster: The Birdemic Trilogy Available April 4

In 2010, writer/producer/director/software salesman James Nguyen harnessed the powers of action, adventure and environmental awareness to ask, “Why did the eagles and vultures attacked?” Nguyen’s groundbreaking Birdemic: Shock And Terror soon became a global phenomenon and launched his career as The Master of the Romantic Thriller™. In 2013 Nguyen returned with his biggest budget to […]