Blackwoode : Shadows & Silver by C L Brown Available March 21

Author: C L Brown

How can others accept you if you can’t accept yourself?

Simon Blackwoode is a werewolf who has never been part of a pack. As the new Alpha of the Manhattan wolf pack, it’s no surprise that some pack members have doubts. The murder of two pack members presents a chance to prove himself capable of filling his role.

Pack politics complicate things. Abraham, son of the tri-state area’s White Fang, shows up to investigate the murders and to question Simon’s right to be in the pack. To top things off, someone makes an attempt on the White Fang’s life, and all evidence points to Simon being the culprit.

Hunted by a magic-wielding assassin, the pack, and his inner demons; Simon must race to find answers before one of them brings him death.

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